What’s Going on at 6 Weeks Pregnant: Symptoms and Impact


As someone who experienced the pitfalls of infertility firsthand, when I finally became pregnant, I found myself waiting for that moment when I would actually “feel” pregnant.

Why is Being 6 Weeks Pregnant So Impactful?

Six weeks pregnant is a transitional period for  soon-to-be moms. Not only are significant developments starting to take place inside your womb, but the weird symptoms of early pregnancy (unpleasant as they might seem) will begin to take hold.

So, What’s Happening at 6 Weeks Pregnant?

One of the incredible things about a woman’s sixth week of pregnancy is the number of significant changes and developments taking place. Here’s what’s going on inside your uterus at this pinnacle moment:

1. How Big is Your 6 Weeks Pregnant Baby?

At 6 weeks pregnant, your baby will have more than tripled in size from where they started. Despite this significant increase in size, they are still only around .13 inches in length – the equivalent of a pomegranate seed.

2. Baby Has a Heartbeat!

If you’re lucky enough to have an early pregnancy ultrasound during week 6 of pregnancy, your doctor should be able to find a fetal heartbeat.

3. Your Little One’s Face is Taking Shape

Are you looking forward to the first time you get to look into your sweet baby’s eyes? Well, good news! They’re starting to develop during week 6! Your little one’s ears are beginning to take shape, as well.

4. Internal Organs are Developing

Your baby’s heart isn’t the only thing getting to work at this point in your pregnancy. Many of your little one’s other vital organs are also starting to grow, such as their kidney, lungs, and liver.

5. And Yes, Your Baby Has a Tail!

If you have the chance to see your baby during a 6 week pregnant ultrasound, don’t be alarmed if they look a little, well…”tadpole-ish.” In fact, he or she will even be rocking a tail at this early point in their gestational journey.

How is a 6 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound Performed?

Well, the cold jelly (AKA “lube”) is definitely a part of the process for a 6 weeks pregnant ultrasound. However, imagine my surprise to hear I needed to spread my legs while that previously mentioned technician threw a condom onto a rather phallic-looking device.

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