What to Expect at 7 Weeks Pregnant:  Symptoms and More!


Hitting the 7 weeks pregnant milestone with your pregnancy might not seem like a big deal, but you’d be surprised how much is happening inside your body! If you thought being 6 weeks pregnant was impressive, you haven’t seen anything yet!

Could You Be Expecting?  7 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms You Might Have

Despite my confidence (and if you are going through the same thing and aren’t feeling confident, please know that that’s okay!), I was still caught off guard by how quickly I started to feel early signs of pregnancy. By the time I was 7 weeks pregnant, symptoms were hitting me left and right.

Typical 7 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

-Frequent Urination - Increased Fatigue - Morning Sickness - Sore Breasts

Is It Too Early to Take a Pregnancy Test?

If you’re one of the lucky people who has a regular 28-day menstrual cycle, it’s safe to test after the first day of your missed period. For other individuals like me, whose bodies like to play a fun period guessing game, it’s best to wait until around 21 days after having unprotected sex.

What’s Happening During the 7th Week of Pregnancy?

At 7 weeks pregnant, your blueberry-sized baby has a lot going on inside the womb. Not only have they grown to an impressive one-quarter inch in length, but they’re also starting to sprout arms and legs.

What Does a 7 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound Show?

If you’re hoping to see a wriggling baby during your 7 weeks pregnant ultrasound, you’re probably going to be a little disappointed. Instead, you’ll probably notice a small bean-like shape sitting inside your uterus…that would be your baby.

Can You Hear a Heartbeat at 7 Weeks?

If your physician orders a 7 weeks pregnant ultrasound, they will likely be analyzing the scans for your little one’s heartbeat. When you’re watching the screen, this will usually appear as a slight flutter inside your baby.

Is Bleeding a Cause for Concern During Your 7th Week of Pregnancy?

When you become 7 weeks pregnant, bleeding is not always something to worry about. It’s commonly a successful implantation symptom and a sign your new pregnancy is progressing the way it should be.

One Week Closer to the Pregnancy Finish Line

After all, once your doctor confirms your little one’s heartbeat, you have almost a 98% chance of going on to have a successful pregnancy.

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