Should You Add an Arms Up Swaddle to Your Baby Registry Checklist?

Take any pre-baby parenting class, and the instructor will likely wax poetic about the benefits of swaddling your baby for sleep.

In most standard variations of swaddling, a little one’s arms are left down by their sides or crossed before being wrapped into a baby burrito.

By purchasing your baby an arms up swaddle, you can help them stay in this position while still providing the comfort that comes from swaddling.

Made to resemble a child-sized version of the real deal, this adorable potty training seat has all the bells and whistles.

Love to Dream Swaddle UP

Nested Bean provides its customers with an incredible arms up swaddle that promises longer sleep cycles in just 1 – 3 nights.

Zen One™ Classic by Nested Bean

Sleeping Baby Zippadee-Zip Swaddle Bag

Not only does this product come in the most adorable patterns and designs, but it’s also one of the top-rated arms up swaddles on Amazon.

Understanding the Benefits of Putting Your Baby in an Arms Up Swaddle

Swaddling in and of itself is a beneficial way to practice safe sleeping practices with your new baby.

Tips for Purchasing the Right Baby Arms Up Swaddle

Aside from shopping for quality products, there are a few other tips you should think about when buying arms up swaddle that’s safe and reliable.

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