The Basal Body Temperature Method: Can it Help You Get Pregnant Naturally?

If you want to improve your chances of getting pregnant naturally, it’s best to rely on trusted techniques, such as the basal body temperature method. 

What is the Basal Body Temperature Method (BBT)?

A woman’s BBT is her “lowest, natural, non-pathologic body temperature” taken after resting for a significant amount of time – usually when she first wakes up in the morning.

How Does a Person’s BBT Help Them Conceive Naturally (Or Avoid Getting Pregnant?)

Since your resting temperature will usually spike during ovulation, this can help you determine whether you should (or should not) be having unprotected sex. This temperature change is caused by the release of progesterone hormones that occurs when women ovulate.

Is Basal Body Temperature Always Reliable?

In a perfect world, we could utilize the basal body temperature method to help us conceive. Regretfully, though, it’s not always a trustworthy option.

Other Factors that Can Disrupt the Basal Body Temperature Method

- Alcohol - Stress - Oversleeping - Fevers and Illnesses - Shift Work - Travel - Various Medications

What Should Your Basal Body Temperature Be at Various Times? 

So, we’ve already established that the average basal body temperature should be around 97 – 97.5° for most of the month.

So How Does it Work? Taking Your Basal Body Temperature the Right Way

- Try to take your temperature at the same time each day. - Use the same tool and method for all of your readings. - Take your BBT as soon as you wake up, but before you do ANYTHING else. That includes talking, drinking, walking, or even standing up.

Using the Basal Body Temperature Method to Start Your Family (Or to Keep Buns Out of Your Baby Oven!)

Whether they’re taking it vaginally, orally, or rectally, women have trusted the basal body temperature method for ovulation for decades.

If you’re concerned about your ability to get pregnant, this technique could be a great first step in starting your family. It might seem surprising that your body temperature can provide so much insight into the things happening inside your body, but the impressive reality is that they do!

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