Life in the Age of Netflix: 26 Educational TV Shows for Kids

Let me take you on a little trip down memory lane. Before I became a parent, I had so many big ideas about the type of mother I would be. There would be no fast food, no sleep training, no jarred baby food, and definitely not a ton of television.

Taking Responsibility for Screen Time

Taking this step came with a fair share of responsibility, however. After all, I didn’t want my kid to turn into a little screen zombie whose eyes would eventually rot out of her head.

When many of us think of our go-to a streaming network, Netflix usually comes to mind first. Luckily for us parents, it’s loaded with great educational tv shows for babies, toddlers, and kids!

The Best Educational Shows on Netflix


Parents everywhere rave about how much their kids love Cocomelon (I can confidently say this because I’ve been hearing about it constantly!)

Little Baby Bum

While Cocomelon is probably the top choice when it comes to shows for babies on Netflix, the downfall is that there are only a few episodes. Thankfully, Little Baby Bum is basically the exact same thing as Cocomelon!

Word Party

Featuring an adorable crew of baby animals (who never seem to have any adult supervision, hmmm), Word Party is a great option for parents hoping to expand their little one’s vocabulary.

Educational TV Shows for Toddlers on Netflix

While my children are avid fans of shows like Sofia the First and Kongsuni, they’re not always the most educational options.

Super Why!

These tiny superheroes are a favorite in our household. If you have a little one who’s in the early stages of learning to read, this is a great option.

Little Einsteins

Each episode focuses on different themes, and the young characters take their magic spaceship to explore the various subjects they’re talking about.

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