Experience Gifts for Kids: What To Give the Kid with Enough STUFF


From theme park tickets to craft projects, purchasing non-toy gifts for kids is not only an ideal way to press the breaks on the toy insanity, but it’s also the perfect way to spend some great quality time with your little ones.

Why Are Non Toy Gifts for Kids Important?

Instead of spoiling them with an endless collection of toys, we chose to focus on something more important–family gift experiences for kids (and adults!).

After all, research has shown that people find experience gifts to be more thoughtful than material gifts. And while your child might be too young to focus how thoughtful a gift might be, they will definitely remember the experience you had together for years to come. 

Gifts for the Child Who Has Everything: The Top 10 Experience Gifts for Kids

1. Tickets to an Aquarium or Zoo

If you have a cool zoo or aquarium in your local area, why not get your little ones tickets to check it out? Many of these types of locations even offer annual memberships that will keep the fun coming all year long!

2. Subscription Boxes for Kids

The great thing about subscription boxes for kids is the vast collection of different options available. Whether your son or daughter is into technology, science, crafting, reading, or more, you’re sure to find the perfect box to fit their interests.

3. Movie Tickets + At-Home Movie Nights

Is there something special your child’s been wanting to see? Then why not treat them to a movie night at the local theater?

4. DIY Coupon Books

A DIY coupon book is a great way to give your child a wide range of different non-toy gifts for kids. You can even find companies that create easy-to-use coupon book templates to help get you started.

5. Magazine Subscriptions

One of the great things about magazines for kids, like Highlights and National Geographic Kids, is the wide range of different activities they offer.

6. Science Kits 

One of the secretly great things most parents love about science kits is the fact that your child will be having tons of fun and learning at the same time. Just be sure not to tell them they’re actually doing something educational!

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