How to Choose a Baby Name

Some parents have names chosen before conception, while others struggle to come up with a unique, meaningful name for their child. We know people who weren’t allowed to leave the hospital because they couldn’t decide on a name.

We hate to be the one to break this to you, but there is no right way to name a baby. If you’re a first time parent, this is part of a larger lesson that you need to learn right away, so listen closely: just like there is no “right” way to name a baby, there is no “right” way to parent.

Pick A Baby Name Privately

Start talking about your baby’s name with just your partner, or if you’re a single parent, start thinking about what to name your baby before talking to anyone else about it.

Naming Your Baby

Okay, so let’s say you’ve held some preliminary discussions about baby names, but you still can’t quite narrow it down. It’s time to start thinking in terms of categories.

The great thing about timeless baby names is that they really don’t go out of style, and you can honor a loved one (friend or family member) by giving your child their name.

Timeless Baby Names

Create a list of unique names and then ask yourself, “Would I be comfortable with this as a name for my child when he or she is an adult?” If the answer is no, keep searching.

Unique Baby Names

Baby Names that Honor Heritage

One important thing to consider as you name your baby is your own cultural heritage. Many people enjoy giving their children names that mean something.

Still can’t pick a baby name?

That’s okay. For most people, it’s best to start with a list, and then narrow. Use the categories we discussed to make your list. If you’re still having problem, look for a baby name generator or baby name wizard in Google, and just see what they come up with.

Must-Remember Considerations for Naming Your Baby

Consider pronunciation. Consider spelling. Consider meaning. Consider initials. Make sure you say the name out loud. Think about nicknames.

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