Fact vs. Fiction: How to Help Implantation


If you want tips on how to prepare your uterus for implantation, it’s important to know what’s hearsay and what could actually help you get pregnant. That’s why we’re providing a detailed breakdown of the facts and fiction floating around the fertility universe about how to help implantation.

What Happens During Implantation? Once the embryo reaches the blastocyst stage, approximately 5-to-6 days after fertilization, it will hopefully hatch out of its exterior layer, known as the zona pellucida, and attach to the uterine wall where it will continue to develop. This is implantation.

Are There Foods to Avoid During Implantation?

They suggest avoiding high-glycemic foods like candy bars, soda, and those chicken nuggets from McDonald’s you’ve been stress eating.

Can Alcohol Affect Implantation?

According to research conducted by reproductive specialists, Dr. Kristin Van Heertum and Brooke Rossi, women who drank less than one serving of alcohol per day had a lower risk of infertility than women who drank more.

Is it a Good Idea to Use Acupuncture for Implantation?

The American Pregnancy Association lists numerous ways in which acupuncture can help improve fertility,but before you go this route, talk to your own care provider first.

Can Bumpy Roads Affect Implantation?

That’s likely because, according to all the reproductive doctors and OBGYNs we know, running over a pothole won’t impact implantation or cause you to lose a pregnancy.

How Does Baby Aspirin Play Into Implantation?

Studies have shown that inflammation can severely impair a woman’s ability to get pregnant. For this reason, it’s noted that a low daily dose of aspirin, or baby aspirin, can have a positive affect on the process.

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