5 Ways to Show Support for Infertility Awareness Month 2022


While infertility might not seem like something to celebrate, the efforts and turmoil of 6.1 million women diagnosed with fertility troubles each year in the United States deserve recognition.

During this period, countries come together to recognize the difficulties faced by men and women throughout the world who are struggling to get pregnant.

It’s an opportunity for education, support, and community that’s necessary for overcoming the battle of infertility.

The purpose of holidays such as World Fertility Day and National Infertility Awareness Month, is to bring these struggles to light and educate people worldwide about them.

This ribbon not only signifies your support for infertility awareness, but it also recognizes similar issues.

Wear an Infertility Awareness Ribbon

Put On an Orange Shirt

Orange is known as a color that conveys a sense of wellbeing, compassion, and warmth.

Talk About Your Personal Struggles with Infertility

As human beings, we find comfort in connection. We like the idea of having someone close to us who understands what we’re dealing with.

Maybe instead of posting about your troubles, you could share a fact about infertility.

Share a Message  of Support

Whether you go to receive support or lend it, your presence could make a significant difference to someone who needs it.

Volunteer or Attend an Infertility Awareness Month Event

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