Kids Shows and Movies to Watch that Won’t Make You Pull Your Hair Out

As always, consider the needs of your family and consider watching an episode of any new show before introducing it to your children.

You can also do some quick research on Common Sense Media, which offers age recommendations, warnings about various types of content, and information about educational content levels of different offerings.

Our Family Netflix Favorites Keep in mind that my children are 8 and 5, so this is the target age range we’re working with here. Without further ado, here are our family’s Netflix favorites!

There is occasionally a mild curse and a decent amount of double entendres, but these typically sail right over our kids’ heads.

Great British Baking Show

Another baking show that is a bit more frenetic than GBBS, Nailed It embraces bad bakers who want to take on new challenges with often disastrous results.

Nailed It

Our Planet

Our Planet is a fascinating and vibrant look at creatures from around the world. It focuses on different areas in each episode, from jungles to coastal seas and more.

It is a great show to watch and then discuss with kids in an effort to consider trying new foods as a family.

Chopped Jr.

This one also features young contestants competing in a cooking championship and can easily inspire plenty of fun in the kitchen.

Kids Baking Championship

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