I’m a Big Kid Now! The Best Montessori Toys for 2 Year Old Toddlers


Let’s face it. A lot of toys these days are all flash and no substance. That’s why I use the Montessori method as my guidepost for selecting toys for every age and stage. 

How Montessori Toys and Activities Support a Toddler’s Growing Desire for Autonomy

Montessori acknowledges these unique learning trajectories. The Montessori method helps children grow emotionally, socially, and physically at their own pace.

How Are Montessori Toys Different From Regular Toys? 

Modern Montessori toys are in the spirit of these special activities. Unlike the heavily branded toys in most toy stores today, Montessori toys are simple and practical.

Montessori Toys For 2 Year Old Toddlers: Language Learning

Children show rapid mastery of basic grammar, everyday vocabulary, and even begin to “ad lib” rather than simply repeat phrases. It’s so much fun!

 Simple Alphabet Coloring Pages

Offer these pages to your little one to color and personalize. Remember, in Montessori, the sounds of the letters are more important at this age than the name of each letter.

 Letter Sounds Matching Game 

Introduce your child to the richness of sounds in the English language with this versatile phonics matching game. We love the sweet, storybook style illustrations!

 Bob Books – Phonics for Early Readers

Bob Books are some of the most beloved phonics books for early readers. They’re used up to age five or whenever your child starts independent reading.

 HABA Orchard Game (And Other Board Games!) 

Board games like these provide opportunities for using action words in conjunction with the action they’re describing. Draw a card. Take a token. Pass the dice. Skip a turn.

  Picture Charades for Kids

Another great way to learn new action words is family charades! This set is no words, all pictures so even your smallest player can join in.  Be prepared for hilarious toddler acting!

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Indoor Scavenger Hunts for Young Kids 

(Printable cards that can be rearranged to create tons of different hunts, divided by ages from 2-7 years old)

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