The Best Montessori Toys for 2 Year Old Toddlers

A lot of toys these days are all flash and no substance. That’s why I use the Montessori method as my guidepost for selecting toys for every age and stage.

We’ll use the Montessori perspective on early child development to select toys that are both educational and engaging for your 2 year old’s busy body and brain.

Offer these pages to your little one to color and personalize. Remember, in Montessori, the sounds of the letters are more important at this age than the name of each letter.

Simple Alphabet Coloring Pages

Once your child has mastered this simple matching puzzle, try a 3-piece puzzle. Keep building from there!

2-Piece Matching Puzzles

This fully functional, plastic beaker and cylinder chemistry set is ideal for little hands who wish to practice pouring liquids.

Pouring Chemistry Set

Setting up a real tea party with your toddler is not only fun, it’s also a wonderful opportunity to model table etiquette, grace, and polite conversation.

Real Tea Set

We couldn’t talk about small objects without mentioning the quintessential miniatures toy. A dollhouse!

Dollhouse Set

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