Best Practical Gifts for 2 Year Olds: Educational, Sensory, & Artistic

Scratching your head trying to figure out what to buy for the little one in your life? I feel you! That’s why we’ve compiled this simple, easy list of practical gifts for 2-year-olds. In this “best of” gift guide, find tried-and-true favorites that include the best educational toys for 2-year olds.

2 Year Olds Developmentally

Developmentally, 2 year olds are in a super fun place. Their brain synapses are constantly firing, and they’re learning every moment of every day.

Gifts for 2 Year Olds that Help Develop Movement Skills

In terms of movement, these little ones are honing skills like walking, running, standing on their tiptoes, pulling toys behind them, and even pedaling their feet.

Gift Ideas if You Want Montessori Toys for Toddlers

While Montessori for infants is great for their development, these trusted learning practices become even more significant as your little one starts to grow. That’s why we wanted to be sure to include a section on the best Montessori toys for 4 year olds and under!

MAGIFIRE Wooden Toddler Puzzles

If your little ones are anything like mine, puzzles are probably a big hit in your houseshold. These adorable wooden toddler puzzles make a great gift for a 2 year old boy or girl. Featuring bright colors and exciting designs, these are a great brain-building activity for any toddler.

Garden-Themed Montessori Sorting Block

From shape and color recognition to enhancing sorting skills, this adorable wooden garden is one of our favorite Montessori toys for toddlers! It’s also a great way to help your child start fine tuning their motor skills.

Artistic Options Make Great Educational Toys for 2 Year Olds

In addition to improving fine motor skills (feeling the sensations of hands in paint vs on paper, holding a paintbrush or crayon and moving it on paper), artistic gifts also allow toddlers to practice creativity.

Doodle Mat

This mat is great because it lets kids practice coloring, rolling, using stamps, and more. It’s a great artistic toy, but kids learn so much as they let their imaginations run wild while working with colors, shapes, letters, numbers, and more.

Melissa & Doug  Finger-Paint Paper Pad

Finger painting is amazing for 2-year-olds because they get to practice imaginative expression and develop artistic skills while also feeling exactly how the paint goes onto the page. If they cover their fingers in paint, the paint will follow their finger on the page. If they dip their whole hand, they can make a hand print.

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