15 Best Nursing Nightgowns


There are so many things no one prepares you for with it comes to having a baby, but high on my list was postpartum night sweats. The hormonal fluctuations kept me so hot, and I quickly discovered that of all the postpartum pajamas I’d purchased, the most important were nursing nightgowns. 

Why Choose a Nursing Nightgown?

- They won’t rub your c-section incision. - Easy access to your poor, battered vagina. - They feel like a dreamy (and cute!) t-shirt. - Nursing nightgowns are AMAZING for feeding baby anywhere, any time.

How to Choose the Best Nursing Nightgowns

When looking for nursing nightgowns, there are a few “best practices” to keep in mind to be sure you’re getting what you need.  - Fabric - Styles - Sizing - Neckline - Nursing Access

Best Button-Down Nursing

 Kindred Bravely Betsy Bamboo Ribbed Nursing Nightgown Wear it at night as a nightgown or during the day as a house dress, and either way, you’ll be super comfortable with easy nursing access.

2. Ekouaer “Menswear” Button Down Nursing Nightgown 

Made to look like traditional mens’ pajamas, this nightgown gives baby easy access with buttons down the front. It also comes in a bunch of cute colors!

3. Ekouaer Sleeveless Button Down Nursing Nightie

It has an adjustable spaghetti strap and three buttons on the front for easy access to the breast.

4. Undercover 24/7 Mama House Dress

With three buttons at the top, and an easy, chic style, you can sleep in it and then run to the grocery store, and no one will know (as if you really care at this point, though).

5. Clea Bamboo Classing Nursing Nightgown (Long Sleeved)

So if you’re in the market for something a bit warmer to sleep in, we love this love sleeved button down nursing nightgown. Everything they make is SO soft!

Best Nursing Nightgowns with Pull-Apart Flaps

So you don’t want to worry about having to unbutton anything? When baby is screaming in the middle of the night and you need fast access, we recommend nursing nighties with pull up flaps or easy access straps.

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