Best Postpartum Leggings

Postpartum leggings have a lot of built in support features that are great for your changing body after baby. Plus, leggings are irrefutably comfortable as all get out, so it makes sense that so many of us live in them during pregnancy and postpartum.

What Are Postpartum Leggings?

There are 2 key differences between postpartum leggings and more traditional ones.

(1) Postpartum leggings are supportive

Postpartum leggings will help support your smaller belly and pelvic floor muscles, keeping you comfortable while also aiding in your recovery.

(2) Postpartum leggings are great for recovery

You need something to help with your recovery, and you likely aren’t putting in that time on your won. Good postpartum leggings are designed with your achy anatomy in mind.

What to Look for in the Best Postpartum Leggings

When choosing the best postpartum leggings for you, there are 4 main things to consider: 1. Fabric & fit 2. Compression vs normal 3. Size 4. Cost

What Can I Wear to Hide My Post Baby Belly?

And the reality is that postpartum leggings can help hide your still-shrinking belly because they support and (minimally) compress your belly. Many of them are also extra high, which is great for covering c-section scars and good for belly coverage.

Can I Wear Leggings After Giving Birth?

The short answer to this is “yes.” There is no real reason (that we know of) that you shouldn’t be able to wear leggings after giving birth. If you’re at risk for blood clots, compression leggings could actually be a really great idea (compression in your legs, NOT your tummy!)

Best Postpartum Leggings

These leggings have been tested by the thousands of mamas in our community, the ones on our editorial team, and in some cases, even our favorite pelvic floor therapists.

BaoBei Sculpt and Recovery Postpartum Leggings

We put these first for a reason, mama. Are they pricey? Yes. Are they worth it? 100% These leggings are the top recommendation by most of our favorite pelvic floor therapists, and it’s no wonder why.

Blanqi Postpartum Leggings

These are a cult favorite among mamas, and for good reason! Blanqi makes great leggings, and the fact that they have actual postpartum/nursing support leggings just ups the ante even further.

Target Postpartum Leggings by Ingrid and Isabel

They have over-the-belly support that doesn’t hug or constrict, and the support is light to moderate, so they’re good for days around the house or running errands. Pair them with this nursing yoga bra and sporty nursing top, and you’re sure to be almost as adorable as your new kid.

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