Must-Have Pregnancy Essentials for Each Trimester

While the ability to have a child is truly extraordinary, women tend to forget about the strange things our bodies will go through during the process. It’s not just swollen stomachs and baby kicks.

While your gestational period will obviously involve things like the purchase of some inexpensive maternity clothes, there’s a wide variety of other pregnancy essentials you should be thinking about.

Pregnancy Essentials: First Trimester

Sure, for the most part, it’s a total lovefest. If this is something you have been dreaming of, your days are likely sprinkled with more joy than you can stand. And chances are that you’re living on a high from the surprising announcement that you’re about to have a baby.

Prenatal vitamins with methylated folate

When it comes to pregnancy essentials for the first trimester, prenatal vitamins are the bread and butter of the experience.

Usually, your morning sickness will start to subside, and you’ll begin to get some of your energy back. At least that’s how it was for me – I hit the second trimester and suddenly felt like taking a two-hour nap after work was no longer necessary.

Pregnancy Essentials: Second Trimester

This simple piece of material slips right over the top of your jeans and keeps everything in place and pulled up just the way it should be.

Elastic Waist Bands

Pregnancy Essentials: Third Trimester

By the time your third trimester arrives, you might be feeling a little bit over the whole pregnancy process. Thankfully, though, there are some great pregnancy and maternity essentials for the third trimester to help you towards the finish line.

Comfortable Shoes

With every week of your pregnancy, the likelihood of swollen feet will begin to rise. Find yourself a comfortable pair of shoes that will make that whole walking thing more bearable. And if your feet are really swollen, you might even want to consider going up a size.


By the time you reach 40 weeks, and your baby is approximately the size of a small pumpkin, the rest of your organs might feel like they’re being pushed up into your throat. You might want to consider taking a bottle of Tums with you anywhere you go!

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