13 Ways to Overcome Problems with Husband Working from Home

So many of us are #safeathome right now, which is why tons of you are reaching out to me saying things like, “My husband is driving me crazy.” I get it.

 This is one of the many problems with Husband working from home. Work from home challenges are real enough when you don’t have another person invading what feels like YOUR space.

Since Husband and I are both working from home right now, I’ve compiled a list of tips based on questions you asked to help couples working from home.

This is an especially helpful plan if you are swapping kid duties, i.e. one partner stays “home” with the kids while the other tries to get work done!

(1) Have separate spaces

Boundaries are game changers for couples working from home. Don’t be afraid to have that conversation with your partner; it will only help, not hurt.

(2) Set work time boundaries

(3) Set non-work boundaries

Unless you both have designated office spaces at home, yours and your partners’ work and home lives are very blurred right now.

You do not get to micromanage how your partner goes about getting their work done, and they do not get to do that to you. Couples working from home are in a full-time no judgment zone!

(4) No judgment!

Maybe it’s one night where you put away phones, turn off the TV, cook dinner together, and eat on your balcony/patio/porch.

(5) Date — at home

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