7 Tips from an Insomnia Expert


Insomnia, or any kind of disordered sleeping, can exacerbate your stress levels.

And in a time when many of us are working from home, trying to homeschool our kids, and avoid a freaking deadly virus, no one needs any extra stress.

How to Sleep When Stressed and Anxious

According to our expert, with insomnia, knowledge and behavior change are power.

1. Never Get in Bed When You are NOT Sleepy

Dr. Farrell-Carnahan defines “sleepy” as “that feeling when you are about to nod off. That is when you want to get into bed, not before.”

Dr. Farrell-Carnahan suggests setting an alarm for the same time every day and getting out of bed at that time, or within a few minutes of it.

2. Don’t Become Fixated on a Specific Bed Time

3. Address Your Worries During the DAY

“It is advisable to set aside this time during the day or prior to winding down for the evening.” Dr. Leah Farrell-Carnahan

By staying in bed when you feel sleepy, you are actually training your brain to think that your bed is a place for restlessness, not sleep

4. Get Out of Bed When You Feel Restless

Many of us have heard this one before, but it can’t be stressed enough: you want to create the appropriate conditions for sleep before you get into bed.

5. Have a Set Routine Before You Get Into Bed

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