10 Simple TTC Tips When You’re Ready to Have a Baby


The very best thing you can do to increase your chance of conceiving is getting to know your body and, specifically, your menstrual cycle. 

Proven TTC Tips When You’re Trying to Get Pregnant

While there are no guarantees in the world of baby making, there are many things you can do that have been proven to help increase your chances of success.

 Ovulation Tracking

If a woman is aware of her menstrual cycle and upcoming ovulation, she can plan to have sex regularly in the days leading up to its occurrence. This can increase her chances of getting pregnant each month.

Monitor Ovulation on a Calendar

Keep a calendar-style log of what you learn about your body. Within a few months, you’ll likely be able to predict ovulation on your own.

Have sex every (other) day around the time of ovulation

If you’re trying to conceive the old fashioned way, we recommend having sex outside of your ovulation window too! This can help keep it fun, and it’s smart in case you’re wrong about when you ovulate that month.

Manage Your Stress

Under no circumstances is it ever okay to make a woman feel like her struggles with fertility are linked exclusively to her inability to just “calm down and relax.“ There’s close to a 0% chance that you’re (in)ability to relax alone is the determining factor in your fertility.

Get Regular Exercise

Physical activity is an essential component in handling our stress and anxiety. Stress relief, however,  isn’t the only positive effect that exercise can have on fertility. A critical factor in a woman’s ability to get pregnant easily can often be her weight.

 Eat Fertility  Boosting Foods

- Healthy fats, e.g., eggs, nuts, and avocados - Full-fat dairy products, e.g., yogurt, ice cream, cheese, and milk - Asparagus - Pineapple - Lentils and black beans

Take a Prenatal Vitamin

In addition to eating fertility-friendly foods, many fertility specialists also encourage hopeful parents to begin taking prenatal vitamins while they’re trying to get pregnant. These vitamins provide a well-rounded regimen of nutrients that are ideal during conception and pregnancy.

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