What’s Happening When You’re 8 Weeks Pregnant


As your 7th week of pregnancy sits in the rearview mirror of your gestational journey, you might be wondering, what does being 8 weeks pregnant look like?

How Many Months Are You at 8 Weeks Pregnant?

During your 8th week, though, you’re in your second month of pregnancy.

Should You Announce Your Pregnancy Yet?

 In fact, studies have shown approximately 25% of all pregnancies end in miscarriage – 85% of which occur before the 12-week mark.  In that case, it might be safer to wait until you’re outside of that first-trimester window to announce, especially if this is your first pregnancy after a miscarriage. 

How is Your Baby Developing During the 8th Week of Pregnancy?

Let’s say you go to your doctor, and they decide to give you an 8 week pregnant scan – what will they see? What is happening inside your belly during week 8? The answer is quite a lot! From brand new reproductive organs to a fading tadpole-ish appearance.

8 Weeks Pregnant Baby Size: What “Fruit” is the Baby?

Here’s a list of different size comparisons during the 8th week of pregnancy: - An iPhone App Icon - A Gummy Bear - A Kidney Bean - A Rasberry - A Jelly Bean

Is it Possible to Start Showing at 8 Weeks Pregnant?

No matter how badly we might be waiting for our bump to make its big debut, I’m sad to say it probably won’t be happening at 8 weeks pregnant. What you might notice, however, is that your pants are starting to feel a bit snug.

From Lower Back Pain in Early Pregnancy to Morning Sickness – What Symptoms are Normal?

- Sore Breasts - Headaches - Nausea - Bloating - Constipation or Diarrhea - High Emotions or Mood  - Swings - Vaginal Discharge

Should You Be Concerned About Being 8 Weeks Pregnant with Cramping?

If you’re 8 weeks pregnant with cramping and feel concerned, however, it’s always a good idea to make an appointment with your doctor to check on your baby.

Try to Enjoy Every Moment of Your 8th Week of Pregnancy

Take some time to forget about your achy boobs and upset stomach, so you can enjoy all of the little moments your pregnancy has to offer.

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