From Candles to Candy: 18 Baby Shower Favors Guests Will Love

It’s easy to forget about choosing a favor for your shower guests, but party favors have been a tried and true tradition for generations. In fact, history has shown that the concept of a party favor dates all the way back to the 16th century!

Are Baby Shower Favors a “Must-Do?”

At Undefining Motherhood, our general stance is no, you don’t HAVE to give out a unique baby shower favor if you don’t want to… …but it might be nice if you do?

Okay, so maybe baby shower favors that you have to DIY aren’t for everyone. In that case, thank goodness for Amazon and Etsy!

What Are the Best Baby Shower Favors on Amazon and Etsy?

1. Personalized Bars of Soap

Would you like to give your shower guests an indulgent favor they’re sure to love? Then why not consider a beautiful bar of spa-quality soap?

2. Personalized Flower Seed Packets

These adorable products are available in several different styles and themes to go with your shower decor’s overall look and can also be customized with names, dates, and other personal information.

3. Baby Bottle Opener

Each of these baby shower favors comes in its own unique packaging, making for an easy display at your shower. They’re also a great budget-friendly option.

4. Baby-Themed Hair Ties

Okay, ladies, I can’t be the only one who loses her hair ties about five times a day. That’s what makes these beautiful hair ties an ideal choice for your shower favor.

5. Wish Bracelets

These are a sweet favor option that will remind your guest of the joyous time they shared with you celebrating your pregnancy and soon-to-be son or daughter. The wish cards can even be customized with the mommy-to-be’s name.

6. Personalized Candles

These lovely options are made using high-quality, American-grown soy wax. They’re available in several different styles. The Etsy seller even offers a sweet rainbow design if you’re celebrating a rainbow baby!

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