18 Baby Shower Party Favors Guests Will Love

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So, you’re planning a baby shower for a mom who’s near her due date and trying to mark off all of the items on your to-do list. The diaper cake’s been built, games have been organized, and cute baby photos of the soon-to-be parents have been printed…what else could you possibly be missing? 

Baby shower favors, of course!

It’s easy to forget about choosing a favor for your shower guests, but party favors have been a tried and true tradition for generations. In fact, history has shown that the concept of a party favor dates all the way back to the 16th century!

Despite becoming a normal part of birthdays, weddings, and showers, however, questions about these parting gifts haven’t gone away. You might have questions like:

How much should you spend on baby shower favors?

Should you offer personalized baby shower favors?

What makes a suitable shower favor?

And last but not least, are baby shower favors even necessary?

While everyone is sure to have their own take on offering baby shower party favors to guests, we’ve come up with some great information to help steer you through the decision making process.

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Are Baby Shower Favors a “Must-Do?”

While there’s tons of information on baby shower etiquette, such as when to send invitations, who to invite, and whether thank you cards are a staple, there seems to be a significant void when it comes to the dos and don’ts of baby shower favors.

Damn you, Emily Post.

At Undefining Motherhood, our general stance is no, you don’t HAVE to give out a unique baby shower favor if you don’t want to…

…but it might be nice if you do?

Baby shower favors are an excellent way for parents-to-be to express their gratitude for the friends and family who have joined them in celebration of their little one’s impending arrival. 

Plus, it’s assumed that most people will have brought either baby or new mom gifts with them. A favor is an excellent way to thank them for those presents.

And if you give the right kind of favor, it’ll be something they can look at/use and be reminded of your new baby for months to come. 

So, no – there’s no black and white rule stating you have to offer a favor, but it’s always a nice sentiment if you choose to do so.

How much should you spend on Baby Shower Party Favors?

Just as there’s no rule about whether or not you have to provide a baby shower favor at all, there’s also no policy about how much you have to spend on them.

When budgeting for baby shower favors, some people believe that $1-2 per person is a good range for favors. In other situations where money isn’t as big of a concern (such as when you have a large number of people joining in to host the shower together), party hosts might decide to spend more.

Just remember one thing: a sweet favor doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

There are plenty of inexpensive baby shower favor ideas that your guests would love and appreciate just as much as something more extravagant.

And if you are searching for budget-friendly options, why not consider things like candy or baked goods in adorable favor boxes, mason jars, or favor bags? 

Personally, I am always a fan of bringing home something I can eat after a great party! Give me some cookies in a cute, heart-shaped box, and I’m in heaven! Plus, I have something to share with my own girls when I get home.

When you’re trying to take a more affordable route, there are also plenty of Dollar Tree options that are sure to be a hit!

Dollar Tree Baby Shower Favors for Every Budget

One of the best ways to save some money on your baby shower favors is to do your shopping at the Dollar Tree or your local dollar store. While you might not think there are tons of options, you might be surprised! Here are a few of our favorites:

  1. Loofah “Lollipops”
  2. Custom Coffee Mugs or Wine Glasses (if you or a friend have a vinyl cutting machine, you can cut out a personalized quote to celebrate your shower and add it to the mug or glass).
  3. Small Jars Filled with Candy
  4. Bath bombs, lip balm, and other sweet smelling goodies can all be found at Dollar Stores
  5. Nail Polish with an Emery Board (you can go with pink or blue if you choose to gender the baby, or yellow or light green if you don’t!)

Tips for picking the perfect Baby Shower Favors

Okay, let’s face it; there’s not much science or regulation that goes into picking baby shower favors. This doesn’t mean, that there aren’t certain things you might want to consider during the decision making process.

If you want to choose a favor that works for you and your guests, consider the following tips:

  1. Pick something that goes along with your baby shower theme. For instance, if you’re throwing a “Mother-to-Be Tea,” why not consider some pretty tea cookies or bags of tea? Or, if you’re throwing a rainbow baby shower, you’ll want something rainbow themed, like lollipops or rainbow cookies.
  2. Stick to your budget! If you’re trying to keep your shower cost-effective, blowing tons of money on a baby shower favor is not the way to go. 
  3. Choose something people will actually use. While candles make an ideal favor, choosing one shaped like a baby stroller might not fit into everyone’s household aesthetic.  

Inexpensive Baby Shower Favor Ideas you can DIY

If you ask my husband what his least favorite thing about me is, he’d probably say something about my need to go above and beyond during every birthday party, shower, or dinner I host. 

To go along with this habit of overextending myself, I tend to want to DIY EVERYTHING–including the favors. Yep, I’m the Pinterest mom, but I’m DEFINITELY not judging you if you aren’t! 

While you shouldn’t bite off more than you can chew (repeat this 10x in a row, Kristen!), when it comes to baby shower favors, DIY can be a great way to go.

Not only are DIY favors usually a more economical solution, but they’re also a sweet way to let your loved ones know how much you appreciate them. Anyone can place an order online, but putting that extra special personal touch on something really can make a difference.

Now, please go relay this memo to my husband and get him off my back while I search for the hot glue gun!

If you’re looking for easy and inexpensive baby shower favors, why not try these DIY options?

  1. Lavender Bath Salts
  2. Homemade Vanilla Extract
  3. Sugar Scrubs
  4. Mini Potted Succulents
  5. Homemade Strawberry Jam
  6. Candy Buffet 

Charitable gifts can also be a sweet gesture as a shower favor. 

If, for example, you’ve struggled with the loss of a child or infertility, why not pick an organization that benefits these types of situations, such as The COPE Foundation or Resolve?

What are the best Inexpensive Baby Shower Favors Ideas on Amazon and Etsy?

Okay, so maybe baby shower favors that you have to DIY aren’t for everyone. In that case, thank goodness for Amazon and Etsy! In recent years, these two shopping platforms have become more popular for the bulk buying shopper.

If you’re looking for a cute shower favor option that doesn’t take a lot of work, why not consider these options?

1. Personalized Bars of Soap

Would you like to give your shower guests an indulgent favor they’re sure to love? Then why not consider a beautiful bar of spa-quality soap?

two tiers of trays with soft pink flowers tied to top and small pink personalized hand soaps on each tray

Not only can you choose from several different color options, depending on the theme of your shower, but these are a great selection for anyone that’s looking for personalized baby shower favors. The seller will embellish the soap wrapper with your custom text.

2. Personalized Flower Seed Packets

What better symbol to celebrate the impending birth of your own baby than by gifting your friends and family with a beautiful packet of flower seeds

wooden basket with customized seed packets with sunflowers on the front to use as a baby shower favor

These adorable products are available in several different styles and themes to go with your shower decor’s overall look and can also be customized with names, dates, and other personal information.

3. Baby Bottle Opener

Your guests will be thrilled to start “poppin’ bottles” of their own with these adorable baby bottle-shaped bottle openers!

Each of these baby shower favors comes in its own unique packaging, making for an easy display at your shower. They’re also a great budget-friendly option.

4. Baby-Themed Hair Ties

Okay, ladies, I can’t be the only one who loses her hair ties about five times a day. That’s what makes these beautiful hair ties an ideal choice for your shower favor.

Reviewers note that these are high-quality hair ties that are cute, affordable, strong. They feature a delicate, shimmery fabric and come in three different styles: gender-neutral shades, pinks, and blues.

5. Wish Bracelets

It seems to me that wish bracelets are showing up all over the place. Why not make them a baby shower favor while we’re at?

These are a sweet favor option that will remind your guest of the joyous time they shared with you celebrating your pregnancy and soon-to-be son or daughter. The wish cards can even be customized with the mommy-to-be’s name.

6. Personalized Candles

What list of personalized baby shower favors would be complete without including a customizable candle? You can do small candles as party favors, and larger ones as hostess gifts!

gift box that says its a girl with a small candle to use as a baby shower favor and a box of matches

I can’t speak for all women, but I think many of us can agree on one thing: we’re suckers for a good candle. 

These lovely options are made using high-quality, American-grown soy wax. They’re available in several different styles. The Etsy seller even offers a sweet rainbow design if you’re celebrating a rainbow baby

They can be fully customized and come in a wide range of scents, such as:

Drive-By Baby Shower Favor Ideas: Hand Sanitizer for the Win!

If you’re in the market for COVID-friendly or drive-by baby shower favors, hand sanitizer is an ideal option. 

two small bottles of hand sanitizer, one pink and one blue, sitting in front of flowers, with a sticker on each bottle that says thank you for coming to jenny's baby shower

You can find small bottles that come already customized, or you can purchase travel-sized bottles yourself and decorate them with ribbon and sticker labels.

Addressing your Baby Shower Party Favors

When it comes to throwing a baby shower, there will be plenty of things to stress over. Choosing which words to put on your baby shower favors’ DIY tags shouldn’t be one of them! 

If you’re confused about what to put on the tag, you could always keep it simple and put your name or the baby’s name and the shower date. 

If you’re interested in getting a little more “cutesy” with your tag, however, here are some standard baby shower saying for favors:

  • Thank You for Showering Our Baby with Love!
  • Hugs & Kisses, Thank You for the Baby Wishes!
  • Thank You for Celebrating the Mom-to-Be!

Are you gifting your guests a small plant or packet of seeds? Why not use the phrase: “Watch Me Grow” and include the new baby’s name?

If you’re gifting bottle openers or alcohol (did I mention small bottles of champagne is another popular favor option?), the sayings “Sip, Sip, Hooray!” or “Pop it When She Pops!” would be perfect.

Cheap Baby Shower Favors FAQs

Who pays for the baby shower?

The baby shower is typically paid for by hosts who want to support the new parents in their exciting time. Most showers have multiple hosts who split the cost, although sometimes a shower is hosted by only one person. 

What kind of favors do you give at a baby shower?

The best baby shower favors are the ones that guests will actually use. Common options include tiny succulents, seeds for planting, small soaps or candles, and match boxes.

Is it OK to not have favors at a baby shower?

Baby shower favors are a nice gesture, but they’re also a personal choice. If you choose not to have favors at your baby shower, most people will probably be okay with it. 

Choosing the Best Baby Shower Favors for Your Party

Whether you’re looking for Dollar Tree baby shower favors or baby shower favors to DIY, any of these options would be ideal. Just remember, though, don’t get too stressed out trying to make a choice. 

At the end of the day, the only thing your guests really care about is celebrating you and your precious little one.

So, whether you choose candles, candy, or champagne, enjoy your special day celebrating this new chapter in your life with all of the friends and family you hold nearest and dearest.

What are some of the best baby shower favors you’ve ever received?

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