18 Best Baby Pajamas


Let’s be real. There is absolutely nothing we want more than a soundly sleeping baby, cozy in the crib, letting us get some good, restful shut-eye.

A big part of achieving that goal means getting little one comfortable in the softest baby pajamas that match the temperature and will keep baby cozy through the night.

Fabric makes such a huge different in newborn pajamas because it’s what keeps baby comfortable. You want pajamas to be soft, breathable, and appropriate to the season!

I know it’s hard to resist, but try not to buy too many pajamas ahead of time. You want to match baby’s pajamas to the season, and it’s hard to know exactly what size they’ll be when.

Hands down, 100% my favorite baby jammies. Because they’re the only ones that don’t shrink in the dryer!!!!

Bond’s Wondersuit

Kissy Kissy Zip Footies

These pajamas are the epitome of luxury, and the price tag reflects it, but I have to include them because they are THE SOFTEST PAJAMAS IN THE WORLD. 

 Kyte Baby Bamboo Zipper Pajamas

We love the dual zipper on the pants, making night time changes so much easier. The one downside: it’s suggested you hang them to dry.

It’s hard to beat MilkBarn in comfort or eco friendliness. Their bamboo pajamas are as soft as you’ll find, and all their products are organic.

MilkBarn Bamboo Zipper Pajamas

Post Peanut Romper Pajamas

Post Peanut makes all sorts of adorable, comfortable pajamas for babies. But for infants, especially newborn, our favorites are the zipper one-pieces.

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