Breast Milk Oversupply: What to Do When You Have Too Much

New moms dream of making too much breast milk. They imagine a freezer full of milk pouches and absolutely no worries about feeding their babies.

However, most people don’t realize the difficult ramifications of breast milk oversupply, the pumping time required to get all the milk out, and how painful the symptoms of oversupply can be.

I was able to donate thousands of ounces of milk to desperate mamas who needed it for their babies, and that was among the most rewarding experiences of my life.

If you aren’t overflowing bottles when you pump, or even if you aren’t pumping at all, you could still have breast milk oversupply.

Symptoms of Breast Milk Oversupply

You can DONATE your breastmilk! Be a modern-day wet nurse. It’s awesome.

What Should I Do with My Excess Milk?

Hospital Donation

Many hospitals with NICUs have donation programs setup that will allow you to donate your excess breast milk to babies in the NICU.

Using this method, I donated thousands of ounces of milk to moms I still keep up with today. It was a special bond, and I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity.

Mom-to-Mom Donation

Milk banks are growing in popularity, and they’re also a great option for donating your oversupply of breast milk.

Milk Bank Donation

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