Our Top 13 Essential Breastfeeding Supplies and Freebies!


When it comes to breastfeeding supplies, one might assume the only thing you need is…well, a pair of boobs. But there’s more involved than you might think.

From the clothes you wear to the pump you choose, picking the right types of nursing supplies can make or break your breastfeeding experience.

Take it from one chronically unprepared mama to another, as you prepare to welcome your little one into the world, it’s crucial to plan ahead.

Not only can coating your nipples with creams and butters after each feed help soothe pain, but it will also expedite the healing process.

Lanolin and Other Nipple Creams

Successfully breastfeeding can be a challenge if you struggle with latch issues, inverted nipples, or flat nipples.

Nipple Shields

Nipple Gel Pads

Nipple gel pads not only help heal injured nipples, but they also reduce pain.

Breastfeeding Essentials Kit

These starter packs will provide you with plenty of tools to take care of your nipples and reduce the stress of those initial nursing experiences.

It’s available in several colors, has easy clips to unhook the bra for nursing.

Auden Seamless Nursing Bra from Target

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