Cloth Diapers 101: 9 Cloth Diapering Tips for Moms Who Hate Laundry!

The concept of how cloth diapers work can seem complicated at first. This may be because your parents remember doing it with rags and clothes pins.

But for most of us, it’s complicated simply because it’s different. Different can be a good thing, but is often associated with fear.

Well dear friend, fearing complexity doesn’t have to stop you from trying cloth diapers. Let me help you understand how cloth diapers work so you can feel at ease using them with your baby!

Try every type of cloth diaper before you invest in your big stash.

Tip #1 

Use a laundry basket instead of a closed diaper pail so that the diapers get aerated by oxygen and stink less.

Tip #2

Join Fluff Love & CD Science Facebook group for wash support. Use their files and references for help establishing a wash routine.

Tip #3 

Use microfleece liners on the inside of the diaper for an easier time getting poop off, or get a diaper sprayer for your toilet.

Tip #4

Live by The Four Rule. Change your baby at most every  4 hours (depending on age) and wash diapers at most every 4 days.

Tip #5

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