New Baby Checklist: 20 Things To Do When Getting Ready for Baby

Preparing for a baby is amazing, exciting, and frankly, pretty overwhelming. Why doesn’t that positive pregnancy test come with a checklist to help you prepare for baby?  The good news is, you can get all the information you need from mamas who’ve been there before you. And yes, we’re providing an actual, downloadable preparing for baby checklist PDF.

Knowing the things to do to prepare for baby, and checking them off your list, not only gives you peace of mind, it also makes life easier after baby comes. And it saves you money because you aren’t suddenly buying everything full-price when you’re totally desperate.

Put Together a Birth Plan

When you’re putting together your birth plan, there are six main sections you should consider:

General Information

Atmosphere During Labor & Delivery

Pain Management Preferences

Feeding Preferences Who Comes In & When

 Delivery Preferences

Decide Whether You Want a Photographer

This refers both to your birth and for when your newborn comes home.

Prepare Your Pets for the Baby

Something we often don’t consider when thinking about how to get ready for a baby is our pets. But trust me, bringing a new baby home is not just a significant change for you and your partner. Your pets will be affected, too!

Fill Out Your Baby Registry

One of the best things you can do is put together a well thought out list of baby registry must haves, in case your friends and family want to buy you a gift for your little bundle of joy.

Attend All Prenatal Appointments

To make sure your little one is growing the way that he or she should be, it’s crucial to attend all of your prenatal appointments.

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Getting Ready for Baby Bundle 

(6 Free Printable Checklists to Help You Prepare for Baby, including Hospital Bag Checklist, Baby Registry Checklist, & More)