Tips and Tricks for How to Make a Time Capsule Including Free Printables!

A time capsule is a container that you put present-day items, such as newspaper clippings, photos, small toys, or artwork, in and then bury or hide to open at a later date. 

If you’re anything like us, you’re probably down to your LAST pack of construction paper, and you’re letting the kids do pretty much whatever the hell they want to entertain themselves.

That’s cool–no judgement here. But if you feel like you need to redeem yourself with an activity that kids age 3 and up will enjoy, making a time capsule together just might do the trick.

Help your kids gather their favorite memories and tokens, but make sure to help them choose items that they won’t miss too much as the time capsule will be hidden away for some time.

Writing a letter to their future selves is a great addition to any family time capsule. Be sure that you write one to your future self, too!

Ideas for Time Capsule Letters

Tips for Burying a Time Capsule

Let the kids do the work if they are old enough. This adds an extra layer of investment in the family time capsule, and frankly, it keeps you from having to get dirty.

Make sure to bury your time capsule at least four feet below the ground. 

This ensures that small animals can’t dig it up, and heavy rain or flooding won’t affect the buried capsule.

Your kid might want to throw in a fruit roll-up, but that’s ultimately a bad idea as it will encourage small animals to excavate your time capsule.

Don’t put anything perishable in the time capsule.

This might sound obvious, but put a big rock or other marker on top of where you buried your time capsule.

Mark the spot.

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