The Best Bamboo Pajamas for the Whole Family

Asian American woman is laying on a bed with a light pink pajama shirt on laughing and tickling her little girl who is wearing a white pajama tee-shirt and light grey pants with a pink sleep mask on her forehead.

Maybe you’re familiar with bamboo baby pajamas or onesies, but did you know that more than just infant products are available in this luxurious material? That’s right; you can buy bamboo pajamas for the whole dang family!

But why would you want to?

Is there any reason you might want to consider switching to men’s or women’s bamboo pajamas?

The answer is a resounding yes!

Bamboo cotton is an eco-friendly material, but it also boasts a range of different benefits your family is sure to love. 

So whether you’re looking for cutesy, matching jammies for your next family photo, or dad just wants some buttery soft pajama pants for Father’s Day, we’re here to help you understand all of the reasons you should make the switch to bamboo cotton pajamas. 

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Why Bamboo Cotton Pajamas are the Top Choice for Your Family

When it comes to pajamas, we’re connoisseurs over here. In fact, not much excites us more than soft sleeping clothes on little babies (and for us postpartum!). But did you know that bamboo cotton actually has quite a few health benefits?

Bamboo Fabric and Skin Sensitivities

My poor second daughter has dealt with severe eczema since she was six months old. Finding the right solution to soothe her extremely irritated skin seemed impossible no matter what types of creams, gels, and potions we tried.

However, during my search for options, I came across a website that raved about the positive benefits of bamboo cotton.

Not only is bamboo touted for its softness, but also for the fact that it’s a premier choice for anyone with sensitive skin. In fact, claims that bamboo cotton is one of its preferred options for eczema-prone skin. 

I ordered a couple of bamboo baby pajamas and was amazed by how well they served my little one’s sensitive skin! 

A father wearing a light green pajama shirt is sitting with his two daughters at the breakfast table. One daughter has on pajamas with pink, yellow, green, and blue stars and the other is wearing blue and white striped pajamas.
Did you know bamboo pajamas aren’t just for kids? Check out our favorites!

Other Benefits of Bamboo Fabric

Care for skin sensitivities isn’t the only reason to think about making a switch to bamboo pajamas, though. Many other advantages make these products baby registry must-haves for many soon-to-be parents and wardrobe staples for everyone else in the fam! 

  • Breathability and Moisture Wicking: Thanks to its breathability and natural moisture-wicking characteristics, bamboo cotton pajamas are a great pick when you’re concerned about temperature management for yourself and your little one. 
  • Hypoallergenic: Allergies are a significant concern for many people. Thankfully, though, bamboo cotton is a naturally hypoallergenic material.
  • UV-Protection: Okay, sure, maybe you’re not planning on wearing your bamboo PJs outdoors while you sunbathe, BUT if you did want to (or say the kids are running around in the backyard in their jammies), they’d help keep you safe from the sun’s harmful rays. 
  • Softness: While all of these benefits are exceptional, one of my favorite things about bamboo cotton is more materialistic – it’s so dang soft! This textile is pure luxury. 

Are There Any Cons to Bamboo Cotton?

No matter how spectacular bamboo pajamas might seem, they’re certainly not perfect. Two things you might need to worry about are shrinking and wrinkling. 

To help avoid these problems, it’s always best to use the gentle cycle on cold or warm water while washing. For drying and ironing, be sure to always use the cool setting. And lastly, if you want to avoid tons of wrinkles, your best bet is to air dry bamboo cotton clothing.

How Can You Tell if an Item is Quality Bamboo Cotton?

Just because a product claims to be bamboo cotton, doesn’t mean it is. Given the increasing popularity of items such as bamboo pajamas, sheets, and more, many companies hope to jump onto the bamboo train.

But not all of them are doing it successfully–or truthfully.

Many products, for example, are made from a bamboo and traditional cotton blend. These items will not offer the same benefits you’ll receive from authentic bamboo cotton.

When looking at tags and product information, search for labels that say bamboo viscose or bamboo lyocell. These are usually more trustworthy than other alternatives.

While bamboo/cotton blends can be more affordable than other 100% bamboo cotton products, you won’t get the same quality or benefits.

The Best Bamboo Pajamas for Your Family

Now comes the fun part – breaking down our top picks for the most stylish and comfortable bamboo cotton pajamas for every member of your family!

Whether you’re hunting for bamboo pajamas for kids or women’s bamboo pajamas, we have tons of incredible styles and options for you to pick from.

Bamboo Baby Pajamas for Your New Addition

What better way to treat your baby than to purchase them a lovely set of bamboo baby pajamas? Here are some of our favorites:

1. Kyte Baby Zippered Footie Pajamas

Kyte Baby is always our go-to online shop when it comes to the softest baby pajamas on the market. They make beautiful baby clothes that are comfy, stylish, and affordable.

Their adorable zippered footie pajamas are no exception!

These adorable PJs are sure to be one of your favorite additions to your little one’s wardrobe. They will keep your baby warm and cozy all night long, plus they feature a zipper closure for diaper changing convenience.

They’re also available in a wide range of styles, including:

  • Dinosaurs
  • Polka Dots
  • Giraffes
  • Tie-Dye
  • Rainbows (This set is a great option if you’re looking for a rainbow baby gift!)
These footie bamboo pajamas from Kyte Baby are so soft and cute!

We’ve been known to purchase multiple pairs at once because we love them so much!

2. Bums & Roses

I’ve gotta be honest here–it’s just not pajamas I love from this company. Their clothes are PRECIOUS, so we love them for pajamas, everyday wear, and especially precious comfy bamboo outfits for my toddler.

Their footed zipper jammies are great for little ones and so soft on sensitive skin. But I can’t leave out how much I’m obsessed with these precious daytime outfits too!

3. Little Sleepies Zip-Up Sleepers

One of our favorite things about the Little Sleepies brand is that they not only have high-quality bamboo cotton clothing, but you can find matching sets for the whole family! And if you’re just looking for bamboo cotton pajamas for your baby, they will not disappoint!

This company has one of the most versatile collections of bamboo viscose zipper PJs, from Disney characters to robots, on the market. 

Quality Bamboo Pajamas for Your Older Kids

So, you’ve made it through the baby stage and endured those crazy toddler years – now your child is officially a “kid.” 

If you’re still interested in keeping them in the comfy PJs they’ve come to know and love, you’ll be happy to hear there are some amazing bamboo pajamas for kids. 

1. Little Sleepies 2-Piece Pajamas Set for Kids

Didn’t I mention that Little Sleepies is rocking it with the bamboo pajama products for the whole family? It’s not surprising their adorable 2-piece sets made it straight to the top of our list!

Personally, I’m a big fan of this beautiful, gender-neutral Luna design, but, lucky for you, there is no shortage of options.

Whether your little one is into dinosaurs, ballerinas, or baby Yoda, there are many styles. You can even pick between long-sleeves, short-sleeves, shorts, or pants.

2. Free Birdies Short-Sleeve Bamboo Pajamas for Kids

If you’re looking for unique patterns (like a hamburger and french fries, for instance), you will love the short-sleeve bamboo pajamas for kids from Free Birdies

These products offer buttery soft material, industry-leading durability, and even longer shirts to prevent little bellies from getting cold at night.

3. Tank and Shorts Set from Peregrine Kidswear

If your son or daughter wants bamboo pajamas that are a little more stylish than your typical 2-piece set, they will love the tank and short sets at Peregrine Kidswear!

They’re made from genuine bamboo viscose material and are available for kids up to size 8. Some reviewers even tout them as the “softest and most durable on the market”!

A woman with grey hair wearing light pink pajamas is laying on a black blanket beside her daughter who is wearing dark pink pajamas. Both are smiling at the camera.
Looking for bamboo pajamas for the family? Check out these options!

Finding Stylish Women’s Bamboo Pajamas

Kids don’t get to have all the fun when it comes to bamboo pajamas – there are plenty of great styles for women, too!

1. Cozy Earth Button-Up Bamboo Pajamas for Women

These button-up women’s bamboo pajamas from Cozy Earth are an excellent sleepwear option at any point in your life, but they’re also a popular pick if you’re shopping for postpartum pajamas

2 women stand together in front of a white background. The woman on the left is taller, a beautiful woman of Asian descent with shoulder-length hair, wearing a long-sleeved button up bamboo pajama set. The pajamas are white with a soft blue floral pattern. The woman on the left is slightly shorter, an African American woman with light skin and reddish-brown hair, wearing the same pajama print, but she is in a short-sleeved pajama set.

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Their moisture-wicking quality is perfect for postpartum night sweats, and the button-up top is ideal if you need some new nursing pajamas.

2. Little Sleepies Long-Sleeved Sleep Shirt 

Plenty of women prefer nightgowns or sleep shirts over traditional pajamas. 

If this sounds like you, you’ll love the buttery soft material you’ll get with this Little Sleepies long-sleeved sleep shirt!

3. Yala Bamboo Pajama Set

Yala is a company that takes pride in the materials they use to make its products. That’s why they make bamboo pajamas that feature low-impact dyes and high-quality bamboo viscose materials. 

Their ¾ length bamboo cotton pajama set is the definition of comfort and coziness. Whether you’re looking for great sleepwear or just want to lounge around the house, this is a great pick. 

Top-Rated Bamboo Pajamas for Men

Of course, we can’t forget dads and anyone else who wants to wear men’s bamboo pajamas! We’ve narrowed down our list of the best bamboo pajamas in the men’s department.

1. Little Sleepies Bamboo Viscose Pants for Men

Let’s face it; most men lean towards simpler designs when it comes to their pajamas (if they wear them at all!). Finding something basic that still offers the benefits of bamboo might not seem easy, but you’d be surprised.

That’s where the Bamboo Viscose Pants from Little Sleepies come in!

These gorgeous PJ pants are available in different neutral colors to suit the needs of your favorite person. If by chance, they’re looking for some fire truck pants or Frozen jammies to match their little one, they’ve got those, too!

2. Cozy Earth Pajama Shorts for Men

Cozy Earth has made a name for itself as a leader in bamboo sleepwear. Their products are so soft; even Oprah loves them! If you’re interested in buying some bamboo pajamas for hot sleepers, these sleep shorts are an ideal option.  

3. Latuza Lounge Set for Men

If the special person in your life would prefer a lounge set over just a pair of sleep pants or shorts, Latuza is here to help! 

Made from 95% bamboo viscose cotton, this gorgeous pant and shirt set would make an amazing Father’s Day, Christmas, or birthday gift!

The Time Has Come to Treat Yourself (and Your Loved Ones!) to Some New Bamboo Cotton Pajamas

So, there you have it – if you want the ultimate in luxurious sleepwear, you won’t find a better option than bamboo pajamas for the whole fam.

These amazing products are among the most comfortable available, but they also boast outstanding benefits you don’t normally get from the clothes you wear. After all, how often do those Pink Pants from Victoria’s Secret claim to be hypoallergenic?

So, whether you want simple bamboo pajamas for men and women or cutesy bamboo pajamas for kids, take a look at the options on this list and start adding to your cart!

Have you ever tried bamboo pajamas for your family? Tell us all about it in the comments!