How to Increase Breastmilk Supply: Tips from a Professional

We’ve reached out to Melanie O’Reilly Rogers, a lactation professional, to get the down low on what you need to know about milk supply.

There are a lot of signs that lead many new mothers to think their supply is low, but these alone aren’t necessarily good indicators.

Do you need to increase your breastmilk supply?

- 6+ wet diapers in 24 hours - Appropriate weight gain and not weight loss

Here are the 2 things you should look for to tell if your supply is enough:

How to Increase Breastmilk Supply

Once you’ve figured out that yes, increasing supply is necessary, you will probably find lots of information on ways to increase breastmilk supply. 

Power Pump


Maybe it’s the Southerner in me, but when someone is going through a hard time, my first thought is to send them a meal.

Latch, latch, latch


Skin to skin and frequent latching is known to help with milk supply because it produces oxytocin- as I’ve said, it’s a supply and demand system.

Eat Foods to Increase Milk Supply


Many moms swear by foods to increase milk supply. Commonly recommended foods include: Oats Fenugreek Brewer’s yeast Milk thistle And more

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