Thoughtful Infertility Gifts When Someone You Love is Struggling to Conceive

When a couple is struggling to get pregnant, the conception process can seem all-encompassing. Their minds are often riddled with anxiety and can become a twisted web of doctor’s appointments, infertility factoids, and the general stresses of day-to-day life. 

Infertility gifts can be as small or as large as you’d like, and you don’t have to spend a lot of money to show you care. They are thoughtful tokens to remind your friends or family members who are dealing with infertility and pregnancy loss that you care and you’re there for them, if they need you.

What Are Infertility & IVF Gifts?

Infertility Gifts that Work for Anyone

From a fertility bracelet to a fertility candle, there are lots of lovely infertility gifts that would work for any person or couple who is suffering. Here are a few of our favorite options!

Rose Quartz Fertility Bracelet

For women who believe in the power of crystals, rose quartz is said to be effective in boosting fertility and supporting patients throughout their IVF cycles.

Crystal-Infused Fertility Candle

To go along with the fertility bracelet mentioned above, this crystal-infused fertility candle doesn’t just look great, but it smells delightful, too!

Fertility Affirmation Cards

During my struggle with infertility, I found myself continually seeking small boosts of positivity and strength to keep me going. “Challenging” doesn’t quite describe the mental and physical anguish you can experience during the treatment process.

That’s what makes these beautiful fertility affirmation cards one of the most uplifting infertility gifts on our list.

Motivational IVF Gifts to Keep Women Going During Their Cycles

If someone is willing to let you in during their IVF cycle, showering them with one of these IVF gifts is a great way to give them the boost of encouragement they might desperately be needing.

IVF Socks

During my first IVF cycle, a wonderful friend gifted me with a pair of the coziest socks I’d ever felt. While I appreciated the sentiment, I was a little confused about why she’d chosen socks of all things.

She proceeded to tell me that in Chinese medicine, there is a belief that keeping your feet warm throughout fertility treatments can have a positive effect on a woman’s uterus.

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