Thoughtful Infertility Gifts When Someone You Love is Struggling to Conceive

When a a friend or loved one is struggling to get pregnant, the conception process can seem all-encompassing, frustrating, and overwhelming. That’s why a simple but thoughtful infertility gift from people they love can make a big difference in making them feel seen and supported.

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What Are Infertility & IVF Gifts?

Infertility gifts can be as small or as large as you’d like, and you don’t have to spend a lot of money to show you care. 

You might be looking for an infertility gift for one of the following reasons:

  • Maybe you’re looking to offer reassurance to a friend who’s struggling to get pregnant.
  • Perhaps you want to make an IVF cycle easier on a loved one who’s currently in the thick of the process.
  • Or, you could be looking for a way to comfort someone who’s recently suffered from a stillbirth or miscarriage.

Whatever your loved one’s circumstances may be, infertility & IVF gifts can accomplish all of the suggestions listed above. 

These gifts are thoughtful tokens to remind your friends or family members who are dealing with infertility and pregnancy loss that you care and you’re there for them. Infertility, IVF, and miscarriage can be incredibly isolating events. Knowing that someone sees their frustration and pain is worth SO much.

Why trust us?

Katy Huie Harrison, PhD is a mom to two children and four angel babies. During recurrent miscarriage, Katy noticed that very few people understood how to relate to her situation or offer support.

Our team has done the research to find out what kinds of infertility gifts moms (and couples!) appreciate and find meaningful while on their infertility journey.

Quick Picks for Infertility Gifts

Motivational Gifts to Keep Your Loved One’s Spirits Up

IVF Sockssee full review

IVF Medication Bagsee full review

IVF Plannersee full review

Infertility Gifts for Someone Who’s Lost a Baby

Miscarriage Journalsee full review

Eternity Circles Necklacesee full review

Infertility Gifts that Work for Anyone

From a fertility bracelet to a fertility candle, there are lots of lovely infertility gifts that would work for any person or couple who is suffering. Here are a few of our favorite options!

Rose Quartz Fertility Bracelet


  • Bracelet + wish card come perfectly wrapped in a delicate box.
  • 7″ length
  • Satisfaction guarantee

For folks who believe in the power of crystals, rose quartz is said to be effective in boosting fertility and supporting patients throughout their IVF cycles, while moonstone is also known for boosting fertility. Even if your loved one doesn’t necessarily buy into the power of crystals, the bracelet can still be a beautiful reminder of hope.


  • Beautiful, delicate piece

  • Comes in keepsake box


  • One size only (with elastic band)

Sending You a Little Light Candle

  • This candle is a symbol of resilience and comfort
  • Light vanilla lavender fragrance
  • Topped with real rose, pink quartz, and cinnamon

This crystal-infused fertility candle doesn’t just look great, but it smells delightful, too! Your loved one can light a candle and be reminded that someone out there (you!) cares about them and their journey.


  • Topped with real rose buds, rose quartz, and cinnamon

  • Paraffin-free, made with a 100% natural soy wax blend


  • Somewhat pricey

Fertility Affirmation Cards


  • Provide self-care and mental health support by offering daily inspiration, banishing self-doubt, and nurturing belief in the miracle of life. 
  • 50 Card set
  • 3×3 Inches

Small boosts of positivity and strength can really keep you going during the challenging treatment process for infertility. That’s why these beautifully written, well-designed cards are so helpful!


  • Each card is uniquely designed

  • Perfect for group or self therapy, journal writing prompts, or simple reminders


  • Back of cards is solid white

Motivational IVF Gifts to Keep Your Loved One’s Spirits Up

Here’s the thing about IVF: it’s a HUGE process that can take a long time.

Granted, it’s a privilege that not every hopeful couples has access to, but it’s an overwhelming pain in the ass, nonetheless.

Every time I filled up that syringe with my nightly injections or showed up for my fifth transvaginal ultrasound in a week, I would feel the tiniest bit overwhelmed that this strange experience was what it took for me to get pregnant.

If someone is willing to let you in during their IVF cycle, showering them with one of these IVF gifts (or even putting some of them together in an IVF gift box) is a great way to give them the boost of encouragement they might desperately need.

IVF Socks


  • Fuzzy IVF transfer socks designed to fit women’s shoe sizes 6-10
  • Anti-skid design
  • Comes with cute gift box

During my first IVF cycle, a wonderful friend gifted me with a pair of the coziest socks I’d ever felt. While I appreciated the sentiment, I was a little confused about why she’d chosen socks of all things. 

She proceeded to tell me that in Chinese medicine, there is a belief that keeping your feet warm throughout fertility treatments can have a positive effect on a woman’s uterus.

It is said to make the uterus warmer, cozier, and generally more hospitable after an embryo transfer.

Whether you believe this or not, however, I quickly learned that socks are the perfect IVF gift. 

When a patient is sitting in the surgery center before their embryo transfer, it can be cold…they might as well have a cute pair of socks to keep their tootsies warm while they wait, or while their feet are up in stirrups!


  • Cute design

  • Non-slip ink perfect for treatment center floors


  • You have to set up cupcake gift packaging yourself

IVF Medication Bag


  • 9.0″x6.5″ Travel Bag
  • Can carry medications, cosmetics, small notebook, and more
  • Secure zipper

A significant part of infertility treatment involves injectable medications that must be taken at specific times each day.

Your loved one will not always be home at the precise moment she’ll need to take her shots. Why not gift her with an adorable IVF medication carrying case that she can take with her?


  • Encouraging message

  • Great for medications

  • Has inner liner


  • Smaller than some buyers realized

IVF Planner


  • 8″ x 10″
  • 112 pages
  • Monthly planner to provide an overview of the IVF cycle
  • Daily planner for daily tasks and medication log
  • Expense tracker and event tracker

Embarking on an IVF treatment involves processing a significant amount of information, as well as handling complex emotional responses. Sometimes, it can be hard to remain positive while also dealing with uncertainties. Gift yourself (or a friend) a moment of peace with this IVF Planner & Journal. It includes pages of monthly/daily planner to help you stay organized, logs & trackers to document your body changes, expenses, and plenty blank spaces to release your thoughts and emotions.


  • Full color

  • Monthly planner provides overview of IVF cycle

  • Space for appointment notes

  • Lined pages to write down feelings


  • Only two cycle pages

  • Cycle pages assume your cycle is only 1 month long

Infertility Gifts for Someone Who’s Lost a Baby

If someone you know has suffered a miscarriage or stillbirth, infertility gifts can be an uplifting way to show your love and support. 

In addition to the gifts listed here, you can also learn about how to create miscarriage memorial gifts.

Miscarriage Journal

beautiful miscarriage journal called Mourning Retreat a journal for the sisterhood of pregnancy loss lying on a wooden surface with a beautiful flower on the cover


  • Guided miscarriage journal written by a recurrent miscarriage mom
  • Immersive, guided experience to validate your emotions and meet you where you are
  • Walks through practical steps and support

This journal, authored by our founder Katy Huie Harrison, holds a loss mom’s hand as she navigates the grief of pregnancy loss. It comes with access to a private online community, and it addresses both emotional and everyday issues. 

Imagine the strength someone gains when they feel less isolated and instead recognize that they’re part of a larger sisterhood, a loss community. 

Eternity Circles Necklace

gold necklace with one larger circle looped through a smaller circle on a card that says mom of an angel


  • Sterling silver or 14K Gold vermeil necklace
  • 18″ long necklace
  • 1″ tall pendant

The interwoven circles displayed on this elegant necklace represent the eternal bond between a mother and the child she has lost.


  • Simple necklace that can be worn with everyday outfit

  • Handmade to order


  • Gold vermeil can tarnish (but is easily cleaned)

What Infertility and IVF Gifts Should You AVOID?

For someone who’s looking to buy a friend or family member struggling with infertility with a gift, it might seem strange to think that there’s certain items you shouldn’t give.

Just as it’s important to know what not to say to someone struggling with infertility, it’s also crucial to understand that some gifts are better left unpurchased. 

When you’re looking into infertility gifts or IVF gifts, avoid the following types of items:

(1) Items for When They Get Pregnant

You might think that purchasing gifts for pregnant women, like a pregnancy journal or pregnancy survival kit, is a hopeful option that will encourage your friend or family member who’s trying to get pregnant.

On the contrary, though, if they have unexplained infertility or don’t end up conceiving again, they’ll be left with just one more physical reminder that things didn’t work out the way they hoped they would. Please don’t do this.

(2) Baby Gifts

For the same reason you shouldn’t buy gifts for use during pregnancy, you should just say no to items like onesies, baby blankets, or anything they might use for a future baby. 

Grieving mamas and grieving couples don’t need a daily reminder of what they don’t have. 

How Do You Know if It’s Appropriate to Give Infertility Gifts?

It may seem strange to debate whether or not it’s ever NOT okay to give someone infertility gifts. While the well-intentions behind most gifts are appreciated, they are not, however, always appropriate.

If you’re wondering whether or not it’s suitable for you to purchase infertility or IVF gifts for a friend or family member, the first thing to consider is what you know about their situation. 

Or, more importantly, how you know it.

If you know someone is having a hard time conceiving, but they haven’t spoken to you directly, offering them a gift could be unwelcome and unappreciated.

For the 1-in-8 couples struggling to get pregnant, they might not want to share their experience with others. If they haven’t opened up to you about their journey, buying them a gift might be too forward despite your good intentions.

It could also make them feel pressured to discuss this very personal topic when they weren’t ready or planning to do so.

On the other hand, if an individual friend or couple has let you into their bubble, one of the gifts we listed above (or one of your own, personal design!) would likely be very welcome and appreciated.

From a Fertility Candle to a Miscarriage Journal: Uplifting Your Loved Ones with Infertility Gifts

To someone who’s trying unsuccessfully to have a baby or who’s recently lost a baby, infertility gifts are more than just a small token of kindness. They’re an uplifting reminder that someone cares about their struggles.

It can be hard to put yourself in the shoes of someone struggling with infertility. It’s a really specific journey that not a lot of people talk about, which can make it very lonely. Any small gesture of acknowledgement can really make an IVF parent’s load just a little lighter.

When you’re not sure what to say or what to do, infertility and IVF gifts are a sweet option to help brighten your loved one’s day.

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