Our Favorite Labor Induction Tips


If you and your doctor feel like it’s safe for you to have your baby at any time, there are some valid options to get the party started.

The only problem is figuring out which labor induction tips you can trust and which ones are a load of crap.

As a general rule of thumb, you should always run labor induction tips by your doctor or midwife before attempting them.

If your care team feels it’s safe to try and induce labor naturally, they will likely offer suggestions on how to do so.

The castor oil suggestion needs dealing with straight from the start. People have touted the magical labor induction qualities of consuming castor oil for generations.

Castor Oil


There are mixed opinions on whether acupuncture will send you into full-blown labor, but that doesn’t mean it’s not an effective way to prepare your body for birth.

Having Sex

In reality, though, there’s no reason to believe an increased amount of intercourse affects the speed at which a woman goes into labor.

Many organizations, such as the Cleveland Clinic, believe this to be an ideal first step for inducing labor.

Membrane Sweep

Studies show that nipple stimulation can naturally produce heightened oxytocin levels in a woman’s body.

Nipple Stimulation

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