How to Create Miscarriage Memorials

Miscarriage memorials give us closure and provide a place to place our grief. Whether it’s creating a rituals, buying symbols to represent your loss like teddy bears or keepsake boxes, or buying someone miscarriage memorial gifts–these ideas will help grieving families.

Here is a list of miscarriage remembrance memorial ideas, keepsake gifts like jewelry, teddy bears, shadow boxes, & more.

Candle lighting is an intimate ceremony, and the best part is that you can decide what you want it to look like. All you need are candles and a full heart.

Candle Lighting

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Many loss parents love this because it allows them to truly envision their little ones ascending into the Heavens, the universe, whatever they believe in.

Send balloons into the sky

Buy a variety pack of paper lanterns and organize a small lantern parade with the people you love.

Have a lantern parade

This is an especially good plan if you live somewhere you’ll be for a while, or permanently. And, of course, if you have a green thumb.

Plant a tree or flower

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