Montessori for Infants: Finding Daily Connection with Your Baby

I had no maternal urges myself after the birth of my son, so I parroted the motions of other mothers I admired.

One of those mothers was Maria Montessori. Dr. Montessori practiced  immeasurable love and respect for children.

Montessori is a parenting method and educational curriculum that allows children to learn at their own pace with the goal of increasing independence.

What Age is the Best to Start Montessori?

Montessori has long been associated with toddlerhood, but in fact, there are Montessori curriculums and independent schools for children all the way to young adulthood.

Finding your Groove as a Montessori Parent

Through observation, the parent identifies tasks that interest the child. This helps the caregiver provide more opportunities for them to work on it.

Observation can put you both on the same page. The child can sense you are aware of what they are trying to do before they can even speak.

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