Montessori Toy Storage: Create “Shelfie”- Worthy Montessori Shelves Using Stuff You Already Have

Creating simple Montessori toy storage is an easy way to dip your toes into the Montessori method without investing a ton of time, money, and research.

What Is A Montessori Toy Shelf?

A Montessori shelf is a central location for storing toys and activities. The materials are carefully selected by parents to meet a child (or children’s) unique developmental needs at a specific point in time.

What Are The Four Basic Principles Of Montessori Toy Storage? 

1. Is it Visible?

2. Is It Accessible?

3. Is It Separate?

4. Is It Curated? 

What Are Some Affordable Options For Montessori Toy Storage?

If you’re willing to spend money on a brand new shelf, the Ikea Kallax bookshelf with single or double levels is affordable and functional from birth to the teenage years.

Considerations For Montessori Toy Storage In Infancy And Toddlerhood (Ages 0-3 years) 

In Montessori circles, children in this age group learn with an “unconscious absorbent mind.” They effortlessly soak up new information and skills like a tiny human sponge.

1. Small Trays

We use a combination of these low wooden trays and transparent plastic bins to organize our toys. Shop your own home first or visit the dollar store before making a big investment.

2. Small Bowls or Baskets

Small baskets or bowls made of wood, cloth, silicone, or plastic are wonderful for storing a toy that has multiple pieces.

Considerations For Montessori Toy Storage In Preschool And Elementary School (Ages 3-6 years)

This age is the beginning of active or intentional learning for a child. Until now, Montessori suggests a child is simply and unintentionally absorbing knowledge. At three, the child begins to consciously seek it.

Can I Really Have Montessori Toy Storage Without Diving Deep Into The Montessori Method?

It is absolutely possible to borrow from the Montessori method without massively changing your home and parenting style. You don’t need special toys, special training, or expensive wooden furniture to enjoy the benefits of Montessori toy shelves.

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