The BEST Gifts for L&D Nurses 2024

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Childbirth isn’t easy, and most of us aren’t in the most… gracious frame of mind during labor. Yet somehow, our L&D nurses take care of us like saints as we yell, scream, and beg for a break (just me?). That’s why so many moms wonder whether they should purchase gifts for their nurses in the labor and delivery unit.

TL; DR: while your L&D nurses certainly don’t expect gifts, they DO appreciate the thought you put into them. L&D gifts also don’t have to be extravagant. That’s why we want to help you choose the best labor and delivery nurse gifts if you’re in the market!

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The Best Gift Basket Stuffers for Labor and Delivery Nurses

Gift baskets are a super fun way to show your L&D nurse you appreciate them is to put together a fun gift basket. Please note, though, that any of these gifts could stand alone if a whole basket isn’t in the budget. Again, this is all about thoughtfulness, not extravagance.

Why trust us?

Our commitment to guiding you through the meaningful gesture of giving your L&D nurses gifts is deeply rooted in Katy’s extensive background, empathetic insight, and genuine passion for celebrating nursing professionals

Katy isn’t just an observer; she’s been closely connected to the world of healthcare through her own personal journey and professional research. This unique perspective ensures that every gift suggestion is not only thoughtful but also practical and deeply appreciated by nursing staff.

1. Burt’s Bees Hand Repair Set

Product Features

Comes with:

  • Almond milk beeswax hand cream
  • Shea butter hand repair cream
  • Lemon butter cuticle cream
  • Cotton gloves
  • Cute little bag to keep it all together!

Think about how much time labor and delivery nurses spend washing their hands, wearing gloves, and using hand sanitizer on any given day! It’s no wonder many of them suffer from annoying dry skin and cracked hands.

Why not give them a soothing Burts Bees hand repair cream set? Not only is this an affordable gift for labor and delivery nurses, but it’s also basic enough that any nurse is sure to love it.

2. L&D Nurse Badge Reel

Product Features

  • Alligator clip swivel badge reel
  • 16 designs to choose from
  • 10 edge finishes to choose from

Badge reels are a pretty standard addition to most nursing uniforms. If it’s something your nurses are going to be wearing anyway, it might as well be a cute! Whether you’re looking for a thank you gift for labor and delivery nurses that’s sweet or funny, this shop has you covered. 

3. L&D Nurse Keychain

Product Features

  • Sweet and hopeful phrase, “it’s a beautiful day to catch babies” with rainbow image
  • Choose gold or silver key ring
  • You choose the color!

This handmade keychain is super cute and perfect for your L&D nurse. We like the hopefulness of the phrase on the keychain, and it would make a really cute addition to clip onto a nurse’s purse if they don’t want to use it as a keychain–gotta love versatility!

4. Nurse’s Herbal Tea Set

Product Features

  • Comes with scented candle, organic loose leaf teas, honey, lip balm, and more!
  • Personalize with a custom message on the thank you card to show you care.

This hand-packed gift box comes with handmade products like a soy wax candle, lip balm, and 4 organic tea blends. Plus, you’ll receive a honey dipper, a tea infuser, and even matches for the candle! Personalize the thank you card with your heartfelt message and your nurse will feel super appreciated.

5. Waterproof and Dishwasher Proof Stickers

Product Features

  • Premium vinyl L&D stickers printed with UV ink
  • Comes in 20 designs
  • Waterproof and dishwasher safe for water bottles!

These stickers are great for water bottles, laptops, journals, notebooks, clipboards, or anywhere your nurse wants to show off their amazing job! If you’re strapped for cash, tuck a few of these into a sweet card that you hand write for a thoughtful gift. Please know that this kind of thing is enough to show you appreciate your nurses!

More “Extras” For a L&D Gift Basket

Looking for other labor and delivery nurse gift basket stuffers to fill out the basket? All you need to do is put yourself in a nurse’s shoes and think about things that would be helpful for their shift. We love:

1. Hair Ties or Scrunchies

The image shows a fabric hair scrunchie against a soft pink background. The scrunchie has a pastel-colored print with various shades of purple, green, and pink, featuring playful outlines of baby feet prints. Its fabric appears to be soft and possibly of a cotton blend, giving it a cozy, comfortable look suitable for gentle hair styling. The overall aesthetic is cute and would appeal to those who enjoy whimsical or baby-themed accessories.

Why We Love It

Ever notice how nurses always have their hair out of the way?

It makes their jobs easier and more sanitary, so celebrate their work with a soft, on-theme baby footprint scrunchie or headband.

If you’d rather go with a headband, these whimsical L&D headbands are amazing.

2. Fun L&D Ink Pens

The image features a pack of multicolored pens each with a cap and a white body, which are labeled with humorous, nursing-related phrases. The phrases are partially visible and seem to play on medical terms, for example, "Epidural and Chill." The packaging card has a quirky design with a stork carrying a baby and the words "LABOR & DELIVERY SNARKY PENS." The background is a vibrant teal fabric, creating a lively contrast with the pens. This product seems designed to bring a bit of humor and lightness to a hospital setting.

Why We Love It

Nurses CONSTANTLY need pens for their job. While they’ll be happy with a smooth-writing pack you pick up on your next Target run, you can also go for these fun L&D pens.

These pens are equipped with cute little phrases like “EPIDURAL AND CHILL” and “Professional Baby Swaddler.” Basically, they are guaranteed to make your L&D nurse smile when they use them.

3. Emergency Candy Jar

The image shows a clear glass jar with a twist-off lid on a wooden surface. The jar is labeled with the colorful, bold words "EMOTIONAL SUPPORT CANDY" in a playful font, surrounded by multicolored polka dots. The background features a green, leafy hedge, which is slightly blurred. To the right of the jar, there's a circular tag that reads "LOVE IN THE CITY SHOP" next to a piece of colorful, swirled fabric, possibly a hair tie or bracelet. In the background, out of focus, there appears to be a pink frosted cupcake, adding to the sweet and whimsical theme of the scene.

Why We Love It

Don’t we all love candy? Pick something fun like skittles or jelly beans and fill a cute jar!

Nurses need “emotional support candy, too! In fact, they probably need it more than most of us.

4. Hand Sanitizer Holder

The image displays an assortment of fabric hand sanitizer bottle holders, each with a different pattern, attached to metal keychains. Patterns include pink medical instruments, gray music notes, strawberries, succulents, blue paw prints, and more. There's also a white logo in the top center that reads "Two Cherish Company". The holders are spread out over a white background, with a green potted plant to the left, adding a touch of nature to the composition. The overall feel is crafty and personalized, perfect for accessorizing while prioritizing hygiene.

Why We Love It

Nurses are CONSTANTLY thinking about germs and not passing those germs along to precious newborns.

Why not grab a cute little hand sanitizer holder for their keychain? We like the little medical print, but the daisy one is cute, too!

5. Burt’s Bees Lip Balm

Why We Love It

Everyone can use another tube of lip balm, and nurses can pop one in their scrub pockets for when dry lips strike.

We love Burt’s Bee’s variety packs because they contain organic, long-lasting ingredients, so nurses can feel good about using them AND not have to reapply all the time.

Labor and Delivery Nurse Gift Containers

Even if you just handed your nurse a thank you note and a pack of chapstick, they’d be appreciative. However, it’s always nice to have a cute bag or mug to pack and deliver your gifts in if you have the bandwidth, budget, and foresight to do so!

Keep in mind that several of these cute containers are personalizable, but you don’t necessarily always know your L&D nurse’s name ahead of time. Feel free to just leave it off!

1. Personalized L&D Nurse Jar

Product Features

  • Handmade personalized 24oz jar
  • Jar is personalized with your nurse’s name and the year they started (if you know it)
  • Hand wash only, not for use in the microwave

This gift is even better if you are partnered with a newer L&D nurse! You can get it with tiny plastic pacifiers so your nurse can count how many babies they’ve delivered over time. And even when you add the pacifiers, there is still plenty of room for more!

2. Personalized 40oz L&D Nurse Tumbler

Product Features

  • 40 oz stainless steel tumbler with handle
  • Works for both hot and cold beverages
  • Has both slide sip lid and a straw
  • Choose from 4 designs and 4 colors
  • Hand wash recommended

Whether your L&D superhero guzzles coffee or water at work (or both!), this tumbler will be perfect for them! The insulation keeps drinks hot or cold, and you can either slide the lid for coffee or drink water from a straw.

2. L&D Oversize Tote Bag

Product Features

  • 24″ x 13″
  • 100% spun polyester with rope handles
  • Design printed on both sides of bag with cream sheeting as an interior lining

This cute oversized tote bag is perfect for keeping work or clinical essentials! Your nurse will love the design (especially if they had to “search” for baby during labor via ultrasound, like what happened in our Resident Scientist’s third birth).

If this design is a little too pricey for your budget, consider this cute tote instead. It’s 15″ square and a little simpler, but still a great option.

Are You Allowed to Buy Gifts for Nurses on Your Delivery Team?

Before you buy gifts for labor and delivery nurses, it’s essential to answer a straightforward question: Are they even allowed to accept gifts from patients?

The answer is…it depends. 

Tipping isn’t legal, which means you can’t give your nurse cash, and usually similar rules apply for gift cards. But small, physical tokens of appreciation are usually fine. Just check your particular hospital’s policy on this type of thing if you’re concerned.

If you can’t give a gift, send a thank you note! Honestly, that might be the most treasured part of your gift basket anyway.

When Should You Give Them Their Gifts?

When it comes to figuring out when to give your labor and delivery nurse a gift, there’s really no right or wrong answer.

Some parents choose to give their birthing team gifts right from the start. This is a good idea if it’s food best enjoyed while it’s fresh. In other cases, new parents might wait until the deed is over and their little one is wrapped safely in their arms.

Not sure if you actually want to give thank you gifts to your labor and delivery nurses?

There’s no rule saying it has to be done while you’re in the hospital. For instance, after my second daughter’s birth, I hadn’t planned on bringing gifts for my labor and delivery nurses. 

When everything was over, though, I was incredibly grateful to the nurse who’d helped with my delivery. She was honestly my savior during the process, and I wanted to let her know how much I appreciated her, so I sent a small gift and card to the hospital after we got home. 

Thoughtful Nurse Gifts Labor and Delivery are a Sweet Gesture!

The labor team at your chosen hospital or birthing center is going to play a significant role in the birth of your child. Offering thank you gifts for labor and delivery nurses is a great way to acknowledge the care they’re providing. And if you have a doula or midwife, you can personalize and adapt any of these suggestions to fit them.

From snacks for labor and delivery nurses to survival kits, any of these gifts are sure to be a bright spot in the day of your team (besides the birth of your little one, of course!)

Best Gift for Nurses FAQs

How many nurse gifts should I make for delivery?

On average, an expectant mother will work with 2 – 3 labor and delivery nurses throughout her birthing experience. Keep in mind that if you end up laboring in the hospital for an extended period, you could have more.

If you’re worried about having enough gifts for each nurse, you could always provide one large snack tray or something similar for the labor and delivery floor to share. Be sure to include something that everyone can enjoy (i.e. make sure to avoid major allergens and have a gluten free option if you can).

What gifts do nurses want?

When coming up with a gift for a nurse, think of practical things she can use that will also bring a bit of joy. Water bottles, coffee mugs, and headbands are always cute, simple options!

How do you thank a labor and delivery nurse?

While you being happy with your care during labor is really the best thank you possible for a labor and delivery nurse, they’ll always appreciate any tokens of gratitude. Whether a simple card or an elaborate gift basket, your nurse will feel loved with ANY token of gratitude you offer.

If you’ve had a baby before, did you bring gifts for the labor and delivery nurses? If so, what did you give them?

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