10 Tips to Help Alleviate Your Postpartum Poop Anxiety


So, you just spent hours figuring out when to go to the hospital for labor; you got there and birthed your beautiful baby; and now you’re postpartum!

Four Ways to Prepare for the Postpartum Poop While Pregnant

Many mamas don’t know that taming your fears about postpartum pooping actually begins before you give birth. There are some great ways that you can get your body ready for when you experience postpartum constipation.

Doctors recommend that you start perineal massages after you have hit 35 weeks of pregnancy.

1. Give Yourself Perineal Massages

2. Stay Toned With Deep Squats

Deep squats will help keep your muscles toned during pregnancy, and will also assist in preparing your body for childbirth by lowering the risk of tearing.

3. Practice Prenatal Child’s Pose

If you have ever done yoga in a studio or through an online virtual class, you should be familiar with child’s pose.

How Birth Affects Bowel Movements: What You Need to Know

When delivering your baby, you might have some anxiety about your postpartum bowel movements, and we get it.

1. You’ll Have Looser Lower Body Muscles

During pregnancy, a hormone identified as “relaxin” will begin to work immediately. Relaxin increases the elasticity of your muscles, ligaments, and tissues.

2. You Might Have an Episiotomy or Perineal Tear After Vaginal Birth

An episiotomy is a surgical incision made in the perineum during childbirth to allow for the baby to pass through without painful tearing.

Preparing for Your First Postpartum Poop

Okay, so now you know how to prepare for the postpartum poop when pregnant, and you know what will happen to your body while you’re giving birth. So what should you do after birth?

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Postpartum Must Haves

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