The BEST 11 Postpartum Underwear Styles

Choosing the best postpartum underwear isn’t usually a priority for new moms. If you’re anything like me, for instance, you probably just assumed you’d hop back into your  pre-pregnancy panties.

What Makes Postpartum Underwear Different?

To help ease the wetness, discomfort, and general grossness of the postpartum period, it’s essential to keep yourself covered.

Do You Have to Wear Postpartum Panties?

Definitely not! If you don’t want to spend additional money on postpartum underwear, you don’t have to.

How Long Will You Need to Wear Them?

Most women will continue to experience postpartum bleeding and soreness for up to six weeks after birth. If you choose to buy postpartum underwear, you’ll probably want to wear them throughout this time.

Frida Mom Disposable Postpartum Boy Shorts 

These products are soft, stretchy, wicking, and mesh-free. They do require a pad but will keep you feeling comfortable in those exhausting first days as a new parent.

Hansilk Mesh Postpartum Underwear

Look, we get that mesh undies aren’t going to be hitting the pages of Vogue magazine any time soon, but when it comes to postpartum comfort, these disposable postpartum underwear are bringing their A-game.

 UpSpring Post Baby Compression Underwear

In addition to offering overall support, these UpSpring compression panties will aid your uterus as it returns to its normal size.

Suppose you’re looking to combine a quest for comfortable postpartum underwear with interest in belly binding after childbirth. In that case, this set of postpartum compression underwear from Leonisa is exactly what you’re looking for.

Leonisa Postpartum Panty with Adjustable Belly Wrap

INNERSY High-Waisted Cotton Underwear

They come in several different colors and boast a breathable wicking material that will keep your tender lady bits cool and comfortable in those first days and weeks after delivery.

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Postpartum Must Haves

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