The BEST Options for a Pregnancy Care Package Mama is Sure to Love

A smart human named Sia Cooper once said, “My goal is to appreciate my body for what it has done.”

While that’s undoubtedly true, it’s not always easy to appreciate the side effects of pregnancy when you’re in the thick of them. That’s why every mom deserves a pregnancy care package.

These sweet gifts are an ideal way to let new moms know you’re thinking of them and that you recognize the highs and lows of their current physical situation.

Pregnancy is absolutely a time of love and excitement, but you can’t ignore the fact that it’s also a time riddled with morning sickness, sore boobs, and weird early pregnancy symptoms.

Morning Sickness Kit

This beautifully crafted pregnancy care package includes all of the essentials your friend or loved one could ask for to combat first trimester morning sickness.

1st Trimester Bump Box

It includes a great collection of products, such as a water bottle, morning sickness drops, and bump stickers.

Badass Mama Pregnancy Spa Kit

This Amazon gift box includes a lovely collection of spa-quality items, such as bath bombs, candles, and soap.

2nd Trimester Baby Moon Box

This pregnancy care package from Etsy is a great way to help mom relax and enjoy her second trimester.

Home Stretch Pregnancy Care Package

This Home Stretch box has many great items for relaxation and overall indulgence.

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