The BEST Options for a Pregnancy Care Package Mama is Sure to Love

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A smart human named Sia Cooper once said, “My goal is to appreciate my body for what it has done.” While that’s undoubtedly true, it’s not always easy to appreciate the side effects of pregnancy when you’re in the thick of them. That’s why every mom deserves a pregnancy care package.

Whether it’s a postpartum or early pregnancy care package, these sweet gifts are an ideal way to let new moms know you’re thinking of them and that you recognize the highs and lows of their current physical situation.

Pregnancy is absolutely a time of love and excitement, but you can’t ignore the fact that it’s also a time riddled with morning sickness, sore boobs, and weird early pregnancy symptoms

Whether you buy something pre-made or put together a DIY pregnancy care package, you’re sure to score some major brownie points with the soon-to-be mom in your life if you bless her with one of these amazing gifts.

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What is a Pregnancy Care Package?

Announcing my pregnancies and sharing those first moments of excitement with our family and friends are memories I’ll never forget. 

At the same time, the giant bag of ginger chews I had to carry around everywhere to alleviate my nausea watered down a bit my enthusiasm.

Imagine my delight when one of my dear friends gave me an early pregnancy care package right after finding out our big news.

Now, sure, the gift had a little something in it for the baby, but it primarily focused on things I would need throughout pregnancy. It even included Earth Mama Angel Baby products, a company that would end up becoming one of my favorites during pregnancy and my postpartum period

In my highly emotional (and highly gestational) state, I was enamored with the thought that someone was looking out for me while I was carrying a kid. My beautiful friend took a moment to consider what I might be feeling and provided me with tools to help deal. 

That is the definition of a pregnancy care package.

These gifts are something to help you overcome the physical symptoms of pregnancy and endure the pregnancy stress you’re bound to experience from time to time. 

Should You Gift a Pregnancy Care Package for the First Trimester or Later On?

Honestly, there’s no wrong time to give your friend, family member, or partner a pregnancy care package. 

Since every trimester includes its own set of unique trials and tribulations, there are products you can buy at any point in time. Maybe it’s Preggie Pop Drops in the first trimester or a pregnancy pillow for the second or third; there are plenty of great options to pick from. 

Understanding the Importance of Treating a New Mom (Instead of Just the Baby)

Whether you decide to put together an early pregnancy care kit or a gift basket of postpartum essentials, finding ways to treat the new mom in your life is always a good idea!

All too often, when a new mom is expecting a baby, the focus remains on the new life she’s bringing into the world. Don’t get me wrong, the baby is the main event, but let’s not forget about everything we women do to help these little ones thrive and grow.

Pregnancy, while beautiful, is filled with more physical, mental, and emotional challenges than you can count.

Not only are you preparing for a life-changing event, but you’re doing it while dealing with things like constipation, lightning crotch, pregnancy anxiety, and more.

While buying fifty million sets of bamboo pajamas or baby blankets might seem fun, think about how much a soon-to-be mom would appreciate a care package to help support her through this time, too. 

Are You Looking for Pregnancy Care Package Ideas? 

Whether you want to buy something already made or create a DIY pregnancy care package, you’re probably wondering what types of things you should include.

Well, that will look different depending on where your recipient is on her gestational journey. That’s why we’re breaking things down trimester by trimester to help you better understand what types of items you might want to provide.

A brown box with the company name Bodily is sitting on a white table with grey socks and other postpartum essentials
Mom will thank you for this postpartum kit which is a great idea for a pregnancy care package!

Pregnancy Care Package – First Trimester

Putting together a pregnancy care package in the first trimester is not only great for showing your excitement over a friend’s new baby announcement, but it’s also an ideal way to help them combat those weird early pregnancy symptoms.

Some of our favorite products for an early pregnancy care package include:

If you want to buy a pre-made pregnancy care package, some of our favorites include:

1. Morning Sickness Kit

This beautifully crafted pregnancy care package includes all of the essentials your friend or loved one could ask for to combat first trimester morning sickness.

This pregnancy care package from Etsy contains many products to help with morning sickness.

It includes various products, such as morning sickness teas, bath oils and salts, lip balm, a lavender sachet, and much more.

2. 1st Trimester Bump Box

Bump Boxes has earned a reputation for putting together high-quality pregnancy care packages any soon-to-be mom would enjoy. Their 1st Trimester Box is no exception!

It includes a great collection of products, such as a water bottle, morning sickness drops, and bump stickers.

3. Badass Mama Pregnancy Spa Kit

Are you looking for indulgent pregnancy care package ideas that are befitting a truly badass mama? Well, then your search ends today! This Amazon gift box includes a lovely collection of spa-quality items, such as bath bombs, candles, and soap.

It’s sure to be the special treat your friend deserves. 

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Pregnancy Care Package – Second Trimester

Once the second trimester comes around, most pregnant women feel a little more “normal” –  except for the strange kicking sensations and expanding belly bump, that is. 

Despite this glimmer of normalcy, however, it doesn’t mean there are things your loved one can use as she moves into the next chapter of her pregnancy journey. Here are some great options:

We’ve also found some great pre-made kits if you aren’t interested in putting together a DIY pregnancy care package:

1. The Snack Bar Care Package

From Oreos to Goldfish, this snack care package is an excellent pick for any expecting mother who’s finally gotten over morning sickness and is ready to start eating again.

The snack size packaging also makes these items great for throwing in a bag or purse for on-the-go eating.

2. 2nd Trimester Baby Moon Box

Whether your loved one is sitting at home or hitting the road for a babymoon, this 2nd trimester pregnancy care package includes a selection of products to help her kick back and relax. In most cases, a woman’s second trimester is when she feels the best during pregnancy.

This pregnancy care package from Etsy is a great way to help mom relax and enjoy her second trimester.

This particular care package is all about spoiling oneself and celebrating the fact that you’re finally feeling like a human being again, as opposed to a nauseous zombie person who just wants to sleep. 

Light blue background with white leaves on a stalk with the Expecting and Organized Pregnancy Planner laying down
The Expecting & Organized Pregnancy & Newborn Baby Planner is the perfect addition to any pregnancy care package!

Pregnancy Care Package – Third Trimester

Things start to get “real” during the third trimester, making it the perfect time to gift someone with a pregnancy care package. If you want to put those craft skills to good use, be sure to include products like these in your basket:

And now onto our favorite pre-made pregnancy care package for 3rd-trimester moms:

1. Honest Pregnant and Pampered Gift Set

Our bodies go through some profound changes during the third trimester – why not pick a pregnancy care package that’s all about supporting you through those developments? The Honest Pregnant and Pampered Gift Set is exactly what you’re looking for.

It includes some of Honest’s most popular products, such as their soothing skin jelly, body oil, and soaking salts.

2. Home Stretch Pregnancy Care Package

This Home Stretch box has many great items for relaxation and overall indulgence.

The Home Stretch pregnancy care package from Etsy is a box that any mom would love to receive!

This is a great pick whether you’re looking for eye masks, hair ties, or body butter.

3. 3rd Trimester Bump Box

We can’t forget about Bump Boxes 3rd Trimester care package! Just like the other two mentions on our list, this package has everything your friend or partner needs to soothe their prego body during trimester 3.

This set has everything they’ll need to stay cozy and comfortable, from body massagers to no-slip socks. 

Post-Pregnancy Care Package

Once a baby enters the scene, a new mom’s job isn’t over – in fact, the postpartum period is probably one of the most challenging aspects of pregnancy. 

Not only are most women physically recovering after childbirth, but they’re also trying to get used to their new roles as parents while dealing with fluctuating hormones and out-of-whack emotions. 

Putting together a post-pregnancy care package is a fantastic way to help your friend or loved one deal with these transitions. 

Whether you need a gift for your wife after giving birth or you’re creating a new mom survival kit for a friend, be sure to include some of these postpartum essentials:

There are plenty of great options to choose from when it comes to ready-made post-pregnancy care packages. We’re breaking down our favorites based on various postpartum needs.

The Leading Post-Pregnancy Care Package for Vaginal Birth: Bodily Care for Birth Box

If you’re looking for pregnancy care package ideas to help someone who’s gone through vaginal birth, Bodily has you covered with their “Care for Birth Box.” 

Care For Birth Box

from: Bodily

This great kit features tons of top-rated products that will help soothe her swollen, painful lady bits, as well as assist with the early stages of breastfeeding. 

Best Postpartum Care Package for C-Section Delivery: Sunflower Motherhood C-Section Recovery Box

Sometimes, I feel like people underestimate how hard c-sections are on a woman’s body. It’s crucial to realize this is major surgery with intense recovery periods. 

Sunflower Motherhood is known for its beautiful pregnancy and post-pregnancy care packages. Their C-Section Recovery Box is no exception. It has all the amazing tools a new mom could ask for while her body heals after surgery. 

It has a 5-star rating and includes an impressive collection of items, such as incision oil, cold packs, and c-section support underwear. 

Our Favorite Breastfeeding Essentials Box: The Breastfeeding Survival Box

Whether you’re trying to heal cracked nipples or want to increase your breastmilk supply, the Breastfeeding Survival Box on Etsy is our #1 pick when you’re searching for new mom nursing essentials.

It features plenty of milk-boosting snacks, Mother’s Milk Tea, lanolin, nursing pads, a breastfeeding cover, and more. 

Delivering Your Soon-to-Be or New Mom Care Package

Now that you’ve picked out your box or crafted a DIY pregnancy care package, it’s time to present it to the expectant mother in your life…but what’s the best way to do that?

First things first, talk to the recipient and find out what she’s interested in.

Maybe she’s ready for some company after childbirth and would welcome a visit at her home. Or perhaps, she can’t stop throwing up during the first trimester and is in no shape for entertaining. 

Gage her cues on what she feels comfortable with. From there, you can decide whether you want to arrange a visit, mail the package, or pull a drop-and-dash at the front door.

No matter how you deliver your pregnancy care package, though, just remember how much she’s going to appreciate it.

Rather than placing all of your focus on the baby, you’re putting the extra energy into doing something meaningful for her. This small gesture will be more appreciated than you could ever know.

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Have you ever received a pregnancy care package? If so, what were your favorite items in it?