20 Beautiful Rainbow Baby Gift Ideas for Parents & Baby


For parents who connect with the idea that their child born after loss is a “rainbow baby,” receiving rainbow baby gifts can feel extra special.

Why Specifically Give Rainbow Baby Gifts?

By giving someone such a special gift, you’re acknowledging their full path, including its new joy. Yes, you’re celebrating how special this baby is, but you’re also showing that you haven’t forgotten the one(s) who came before.

When Should You Give a Rainbow Baby Gift?

You can give a rainbow baby gift before or after baby is born; just make sure you wait until the parents are comfortable receiving gifts for their pregnancy. Sometimes, loss parents want to wait a little longer to receive gifts as a form of self-protection.

Rainbow Baby Blankets

There are so many amazing rainbow baby blankets to choose from, so the first thing we recommend is determining what kind of blanket you want.

Rainbow Baby Accessories

Accessories are a great way to get smaller rainbow baby gifts if you don’t want to dress a child or decorate a nursery.

Rainbow Baby Art

Art is a lovely gift if you know the baby’s nursery colors and that there will be space on the wall. We don’t suggest buying wall art for anyone you don’t know well.

Rainbow Baby Ornaments

Ornaments are an amazing gift because they’re lifelong keepsakes.

Rainbow Baby Gifts for Mom

Loss mamas have been through a lot, and sometimes, we want to acknowledge them specifically. That’s why these gifts focus on giving a gift to the mama of a rainbow baby that celebrates this hope.

DIY Rainbow Baby Gifts

Of course, if you are into knitting or crocheting, a DIY gift packs a ton of thoughtfulness!

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