20 Beautiful Rainbow Baby Gift Ideas for Parents & Baby


A baby born to parents who have suffered loss like miscarriage, stillbirth, or infant loss, is often called a rainbow baby. For parents who connect with the idea that their child born after loss is a “rainbow baby,” receiving rainbow baby gifts can feel extra special.

Having experienced 4 losses before birthing my living children, and having worked with thousands of women during pregnancy after loss, I can attest to just how healing it can be for someone to give a baby gift that acknowledges your entire journey. That’s why I’m sharing my very favorite gift ideas for rainbow babies!

Our favorite place for rainbow baby gifts is Caden Lane. They have an entire rainbow baby line, including personalized options, plus tons of choices for blankets, pajamas, and accessories. We’ll also share some of our favorites in the recommendations below, but if we’re being honest, we love everything this company makes!

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Why Specifically Give Rainbow Baby Gifts?

Many parents use this term to celebrate the hope that the new baby brings after the maelstrom of grief surrounding loss.

It is always important to not only acknowledge your loved ones’ past losses, but also to be present for the anxiety AND hope that parents of rainbow babies are feeling.

This is where rainbow baby gifts for mom and baby, and even for partners, can be especially important.

By giving someone such a special gift, you’re acknowledging their full path, including its new joy. Yes, you’re celebrating how special this baby is, but you’re also showing that you haven’t forgotten the one(s) who came before.

When Should You Give a Rainbow Baby Gift?

We have written extensively about heavy subjects leading up to rainbow babies like coping with miscarriage, infant loss, and pregnancy after miscarriage. Because of the difficulty of these subjects for many parents, rainbow baby gifts are not always necessary or appropriate.

Some parents don’t like to recall their losses, while others choose not to use the term “rainbow baby” for a number of reasons.

But for parents who resonate with the term, which is many of us, a rainbow baby gift for mom and baby does two special things.

  • It honors the losses that came before
  • And celebrates the life and hope a new baby brings

If you know parents who have been open about their loss(es), or who refer to their coming or new little one with this phrase, then they’ll love these special gift for a rainbow baby!

You can give a rainbow baby gift before or after baby is born; just make sure you wait until the parents are comfortable receiving gifts for their pregnancy. Sometimes, loss parents want to wait a little longer to receive gifts as a form of self-protection.

If your loved one is having a rainbow baby shower, that’s the perfect place for a sweet rainbow baby gift.

But before taking a rainbow baby gift to a shower, be sure the recipient has been publicly open about their history with loss. You don’t want to “out” them in front of people who don’t know.

If the new parents haven’t been vocal about their past loss(es), wait until a private moment to share your rainbow baby gift.

Waiting until baby is born can also be really nice. When my friend Kat sent a handmade rainbow quilt a few weeks after Jack’s birth, I felt abundantly loved and validated, and I was able to focus my attention on the special rainbow baby gift because I wasn’t receiving tons of other presents anymore.

My friend Kat made me this quilt (on the ground in this photo) as a rainbow baby gift for Jack. It’s truly one of the most thoughtful gifts I’ve ever received.

Rainbow Baby Blankets

There are so many amazing rainbow baby blankets to choose from, so the first thing we recommend is determining what kind of blanket you want.

  • A milestone blanket to celebrate each month of baby’s first year?
  • A swaddle blanket to keep baby snug?
  • A warm blanket for mom?
  • A quilt for picnics with baby?

Once you know what type of blanket you’re looking for, then you can choose from the many options. Here are our favorites!

(1) Boho Organic Rainbow Swaddle Blanket on Amazon

This precious blanket and rainbow knotted hat is a beautiful, gender-neutral option that we simply adore. Guarantee that baby will be cozy but not overheated, in this soft, breathable fabric. 

It’s no wonder this oversized swaddle blanket receives rave reviews from parents all around. Plus–fast shipping!

(2) Caden Lane Rainbow Milestone Blanket

This blanket is available in a variety of color combinations, but our favorite is the neutral. It’s customized with baby’s name, and it’s numbered for taking pictures with baby each month. 

baby lying on a blanket with a big rainbow and numbers around the rainbow to show the different months of baby's age

This blanket is the perfect way for parents to monitor their rainbow baby’s growth, seeing how they get bigger and change each month in the first year of life. 

(3) Caden Lane Personalized Swaddle blanket

We love this blanket for its softness, and for the subtleness of the personalization. How precious to see baby wrapped in this sweet blanket, staying warm and comfortable, with their very own name on it. 

Baby lying on a soft blue blanket with a pink headband wrapped in a soft white swaddle blanket with bright pastel rainbows and the name Bonnie printed on the blanket

It’s especially perfect when paired with a wooden name announcement plate

(4) Coziest Rainbow Baby Blanket on Etsy 

Our favorite blanket for family snuggle time is the milky neutral throw blanket by Gold Cactus Shop on Etsy. It’s no wonder this blanket gets rave reviews from customers for its quality and softness. 

A major added bonus is its size. Not only can the whole family enjoy this blanket, but you can use it well beyond the baby years. So when that rainbow baby is a little bigger, this will be one of their favorites, as well!

Rainbow Baby Outfits

(1) Rainbow Outfit Set by Cheerfullvy Apparel

We adore this beautiful outfit set for its precious design and many accessories. No more worrying about finding matching pieces–they’re all here, and they’re all precious.

a wood board background with a beautiful knotted gown with pink and blue rainbows next to matching hat with puff, headband, and knotted hat for baby

Our favorite special touch is the clouds that rain hearts. It’s a gentle acknowledgment of past loss, with a reminder that even those losses were filled with love for special children.

(2) Rainbow Onesie from Kyte Baby

We love Kyte baby’s soft, gentle bamboo fabric, which makes this rainbow onesie extra perfect for your beloved little one. 

Baby in a white onesie with rainbows on it and a blue bib and knotted hat smiles on a white backdrop

Everything this company makes is amazing, but their pajamas are a parenting favorite because of their softness and comfort. There are even private groups for trading these amazing products!

(3) Rainbow Knotted Gown & Hat from Caden Lane

Knotted gowns are amazing for very young babies who need constant diaper changes because they’re super easy on parents. And when you’re exhausted from a new baby, simplicity is key!

baby lies on a white background wearing a cream colored knotted gown with brown buttons at the time and rainbows all over it

This gorgeous option from Caden Lane is super soft and comes with a knotted hat to keep baby’s head warm. Great for rainbow baby photo shoots! It also comes in their bright pastel pink color

Rainbow Baby Accessories

Accessories are a great way to get smaller rainbow baby gifts if you don’t want to dress a child or decorate a nursery.

(1) Rainbow carseat/nursing cover by Caden Lane

Caden Lane makes two gorgeous carseat/nursing covers in rainbow prints. The Brooks print is a white blanket with blue rainbows, and the Bonnie print is a white blanket with pink, blue, and green pastel rainbows. 

soft white cover with blue and gray rainbows covering a carseat

This super soft, machine washable fabric will be a favorite anytime the parents need to cover a carseat, grocery cart seat, or high chair. And it has 360 degree coverage for nursing!

(2) Macrame Rainbow from Rainbow Mama Waiting

Our friend Sam has an amazing Etsy store where she makes macrame rainbows for parents who’ve experienced loss. A loss mom herself, this is an extra special rainbow baby gift. 

blue, pink, and white macrame rainbow sits on top of a creat colored marame placemat

Some families hang them on Christmas trees; others put them in nurseries. I actually keep mine hanging in my office for a bit of comfort every time I look up. 

(3) Rainbow Bandana Bib from Kyte Baby

Bandana bibs are an amazing accessory because babies can wear them constantly when they’re teething and drooling a lot. The key is to choose bandana bibs that are super soft, and everything from Kyte Baby meets that criteria!

white bandana bib on a white background with gray lining and rainbows printed on the bib

Our favorite thing about this bib? It’s bamboo! Soft for baby’s skin, hypoallergenic, and a more environmentally friendly fabric!

Rainbow Baby Art

Art is a lovely gift if you know the baby’s nursery colors and that there will be space on the wall. We don’t suggest buying wall art for anyone you don’t know well.

(1) Rainbow Baby Print from Ullustrashun

This customizable print is a sweet and understated gift for baby’s nursery. Plus, parents can keep it hanging for a long, long time to remind them of the gift of their baby’s life. 

Framed poster-sized print of a soft, pastel colored rainbow that says Addison at the top and has baby's birth stats on the bottom

(2) Handmade Round Rainbow Sign from HL Designs

We adore this sign for its beautiful simplicity, making it a fantastic fit in a variety of spaces. The neutral boho design is simply gorgeous. 

round wooden board sits on a shelf on wall with white, peach, and brown wooden shapes forming a rainbow

Customers can’t stop talking about the amazing quality for nursery art. 

(3) Canon’s Neutral Wall Art by Caden Lane

This hand-painted rainbow design uses 4 unique but gorgeous colors–rust, mustard, sand, and stone. But be aware that you aren’t getting a hand painted print. Instead, this is a digital download that you can print yourself!

wall art print hanging on wall with simple wooden frame holding a print of a simple rainbow in rusty colors

A great addition to a nursery!

Rainbow Baby Ornaments

Ornaments are an amazing gift because they’re lifelong keepsakes. Imagine–if your loved one celebrates Christmas, in just a few years, the rainbow baby themselves will be hanging their special ornament on the tree.

Here are our favorites.

(1) Rainbow Baby Cloud Ornament from Etsy

This customizable ornament is such a lovely keepsake if you celebrate Christmas, but it would also make a sweet charm for the nursery. 

(2) Caden Lane Ceramic Rainbow Ornament

This precious ceramic keepsake ornament is customizable to include your special rainbow baby’s name below the rainbow. It also includes the year, so it’s extra special as a baby’s first Christmas ornament!

round ceramic Christmas ornament hanging on tree by gold ribbon with a rainbow on the ornament and sawyer kate 2021 printed beneath the rainbow

It comes with a gold ribbon for hanging and will be a special addition to homes for a lifetime to come. 

Rainbow Baby Gifts for Mom

Loss mamas have been through a lot, and sometimes, we want to acknowledge them specifically. That’s why these gifts focus on giving a gift to the mama of a rainbow baby that celebrates this hope.

My favorite rainbow baby gifts come from Etsy. They’re often customizable, you’ll find tons of options, AND you’ll support a small business in the meantime. Win-win. Many of the gift suggestions below come from Etsy.

(1) Miracle Mama T-Shirt from Etsy

Give mama the gift of a comfy tee that her new baby can spit up all over. Or that she can wear out and about as she proudly strolls that new baby around.

We love this one because it’s simple and adorable. Size up to still feel good in it postpartum.

(2) Custom Jewelry from Etsy

A sweet, simple rainbow necklace with the new baby’s name is a great way to give mama something that she can wear everyday to remind her of the hope and joy that her new baby brings. We love these.

DIY Rainbow Baby Gifts

Of course, if you are into knitting or crocheting, a DIY gift packs a ton of thoughtfulness! Here are a couple of great ideas and patterns for you (you crafty person, you):

(1) Crochet your own rainbow baby blanket 

(2) Quilt a rainbow blanket or wall hanging 

(3) Throw a rainbow-themed shower for the new parents!

As you can see, the internet is chock full of good ideas for celebrating a new rainbow baby.

What was your favorite rainbow baby gift? Tell us about it in the comments!

General FAQ

What is a rainbow baby?

A baby born to parents who have suffered loss like miscarriage, stillbirth, or infant loss

Why should I buy a rainbow baby gift?

To honor the losses that came before and celebrate the life and hope a new baby brings

How do I know if it’s appropriate to buy a rainbow baby gift?

If the parents have been open with you about their previous losses, then it is appropriate to be a gift that honors that loss and their new child.

When should I give a rainbow baby gift?

Wait until the third trimester, or give at a rainbow baby shower if the parents have been open about their previous losses. You can also wait until the baby is born.

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