Coming to Terms with the Highs and Lows of a Rainbow Baby Pregnancy

Becoming pregnant with a rainbow baby could well be the textbook definition of a bittersweet experience. Despite your excitement for the baby to come, you’re probably still mourning the little one(s) you’ve lost along the way. 

Rainbow Baby Meaning: What is It?

Basically, a rainbow baby is any little one who comes after a devastating loss. This term most commonly refers to pregnancy after miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, termination for medical reasons (TFMR), stillbirth, or infant loss.

Does Everyone Refer to Babies Born After Loss as Rainbow Babies?

While many hopeful parents find comfort in the idea of a rainbow baby pregnancy, there’s no rule stating you have to use the phrase to describe your baby after a miscarriage. In fact, some parents find the term to be problematic. 

Will You Experience Different Symptoms When You Get Pregnant with a Baby After Miscarriage?

We often obsess over symptoms and whether one pregnancy is different from another, but the fact is that each pregnancy is different, whether it ends in a live birth or not.

Questions for Your OB When You’re Having a Rainbow Baby

When you’re having a baby after miscarriage, you’ll likely have a tornado of questions buzzing around your head. When you make your first appointment with your OB, bring a list of those questions with you, so you don’t forget anything.

Overcoming Your Anxiety During a Rainbow Baby Pregnancy

Approximately 20% of women who experience pregnancy loss will also struggle with anxiety or depression, and that number only represents clinically diagnosed cases. In reality, and based on our experience, that number is likely significantly higher.

Rainbow Baby Quotes for Support and Celebration

Whether you’re trying to explain the meaning of the term “rainbow baby” to a friend, or you’re looking to create a rainbow baby announcement, finding the right words isn’t always easy.

 Overcoming Loss While Looking Towards the Future of Your Family

Having a baby after miscarriage will not only fill you up with the most exhilarating joy, but it can also bring hard memories back to the surface.

Look towards the wonderful life you’ll be having with your new baby while paying respect to any little ones who came before. A rainbow baby pregnancy is an unusual and challenging experience. There’s no right way to feel, only emotions to honor as you go.

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