Rainbow Baby Shower Ideas: Everything You Need to Know


A rainbow baby is a child born after miscarriage, stillbirth, infant loss, or other fertility-related trauma. And while preparing for a rainbow baby may seem exciting, it’s really a mixed bag of emotions.

Why Are Baby Showers Rainbow Themed?

The theme of the rainbow baby shower pays homage to the concept of the rainbow baby, the rainbow after the “storm” of a traumatic experience like pregnancy or infant loss.

How to Host a Rainbow Baby Shower

If you’re hosting a rainbow baby shower for friends or loved ones, it’s important that you make sure their wishes are honored. Have an open discussion with the parents and make sure you are both on the same page about what they want.

Honoring Past Losses

Having a table or area dedicated to acknowledging the child that came before is a great way to remind the parents that their child is still present even as a new baby is on the way.

Preparing for a Rainbow Baby Shower: Everything You Need to Make it Special

If you’re hosting a baby shower during 2021, ask questions about the soon-to-be parents’ pandemic comfort levels. If they’re nervous about getting together with groups of people, there are lots of sweet ways to make a drive by baby shower super special!

Rainbow Baby Shower Invitations

The invitations set the tone for the shower and let guests know crucial details about when and where it will be held. One great thing about a rainbow baby shower theme is that it’s a very gender neutral baby shower, so you can pick what you like and run with it.

Rainbow Baby Shower Decorations

Whichever invitations you choose for your rainbow baby shower, they will set the tone for the overall look of the event. You might event want to use a similar color scheme to the invitations you’ve chosen for party decorations.

Rainbow Baby Shower Cake Ideas

Whether you choose to go with a traditional cake (layered or tier) or cupcakes, this is the one part of the shower that’s sure to please everyone (unless they don’t eat cake, and in that case, are you sure you can trust them??).

Rainbow Centerpieces

We’ve covered invitations, decor, and the cake…now, what’s left? Well, many people choose to have tables for guests to sit, chat, and eat throughout the shower. If you’d like to decorate those tables, you can’t go wrong with a rainbow centerpiece.

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