10 Best Nursing Pajamas for Breastfeeding


If you wake up to that sweet cry wearing nursing pajamas that make breastfeeding quicker and easier, you’ll get to soothe baby more easily and be back to sleep faster. Yes, PLEASE!

What to look for in nursing pajamas

When you’re buying breastfeeding pajamas, there are a few specific things that are really important: - Comfort - Ease of access - Breathability  - Moisture wicking

How to choose the best style of breastfeeding pajamas

You know what you’re most comfortable in, so look for nursing sleepwear that matches your personal sleeping style and comfort level!

Best Breastfeeding Pajama Sets

Kindred Bravely Jane Nursing Pajamas I love leggings as opposed to loose legs, and this top is so cute that it can be worn as clothing or nursing pjs. Access is through a gap when you lift the flap on the shirt. The leggings also have an extra tall elastic band, making them a dream on the waistline.

 Ekouaer Long-Sleeve Nursing Set

Access for breastfeeding is through a hole when you pull the material apart, and the pants have an elastic band with buttons that allow you to resize as you shrink postpartum (and that keeps them from being too tight, making them a great option for c-section mamas!).

 Storq 3-Piece Loungewear Set

This super luxurious pajama outfit can be mixed and matched to work however you need it to. The belted jacket works over plenty of clothes, not just the pajamas. Nursing access through a button-down tank top.

Best Nursing Nightgowns

Kindred Bravely Eleanora Bamboo Nursing Dress Nursing access is through a flap gap; just lift the top panel and nursing is easy!

Ekouaer Women’s Nightshirt 

Ekouaer is known for its affordability, qualify, and comfort. This particular find also just happens to be adorable!

 Kindred Bravely Betsy Bamboo Ribbed Nursing Nightgown

Wear it at night as a nightgown or during the day as a house dress, and either way, you’ll be super comfortable with easy nursing access. The quick snaps and built-in light bra are extra special bonuses!

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