The Best Nursing Loungewear and Pajamas for Breastfeeding

black and white photo of a baby breastfeeding

It’s the middle of the night, and you’re feeling so many emotions at the sound of your baby’s cry. Part of you is startled; another part is desperate to soothe those anxious cries; and let’s be honest, part of you wants to just pull the pillow over your head and cry yourself.

We can’t make having a newborn anything other than exhausting, but we can tell you our experience-based opinion on which breastfeeding pajamas will help you get the best rest possible!

If you wake up to that sweet cry wearing nursing pajamas that make breastfeeding quicker and easier, you’ll get to soothe baby more easily and be back to sleep faster. Yes, PLEASE!

I’m a huge believer that our bodies need to be soothed and comforted during the postpartum experience.

And it seems I’m not alone. That’s likely the reason thousands of women read our article on the best postpartum pajamas each month.

But there’s one major request I get from women who read that post. More pajamas for breastfeeding, please!

I hear your cries, mamas, and am here to help.

As an avid pajama lover who adored breastfeeding, I’m here to recommend my very favorite breastfeeding to keep you comfortable, cozy, and quickly accessible to baby! From nursing nightgowns to organic nursing pajamas to bamboo nursing loungewear, I’ve got you covered!

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What to Look for in Nursing Loungewear and Pajamas

When you’re buying breastfeeding pajamas, there are a few specific things that are really important:

  1. Comfort – you aren’t getting enough sleep as it is; comfort makes a huge difference in helping you rest when you can.
  2. Ease of access – when you’re exhausted and baby needs milk, you want to be able to get your boob out as quickly and easily as possible.
  3. Breathability – having a tiny human on you can get HOT! Add in hormonal fluctuations (especially if you’re freshly postpartum), and you’ve got a recipe for overheating. Keep a blanket where you nurse at night in case you get cold, but having breathable fabric in your favorite nursing sleepwear is essential.
  4. Moisture wicking – this isn’t essential, but it is ideal. Between leaky breasts, hormonal sweat, baby drool, and all the other fluids you’ve got moving around, wearing fabric that wicks away moisture will keep you more comfortable in many ways.

Every recommendation we make will meet these criteria, but in case you’re searching beyond this article, there are a few fabrics that are ideal for nursing pajamas because of their comfort and breathability.

My favorite nursing pjs fabrics include the following:

  1. Cotton: Pros: Soft, breathable, and machine washable. Cons: Can shrink with too much washing; doesn’t wick away moisture, so breast milk leaks may stay wetter.
  2. Bamboo: Pros: Soft, breathable, eco-friendly, machine washable, doesn’t shrink in dryer, wicks away moisture so breast milk doesn’t stay as wet. Cons: Harder to find, often more expensive.
  3. Nylon/polyester: Pros: super breathable, moisture wicking, often very affordable. Cons: Less eco-friendly, not as soft.
  4. Modal: Pros: lightweight, breathable, doesn’t shrink in washer, eco friendly. Cons: Cold-water wash only.

How to Choose the Best Style of Nursing Gowns and Pajamas

The style of nursing pajama really depends on what makes you most comfortable.

Do you like loose and baggy? Form-fitted? Nightgown or shirt and pants? How do you prefer to give access to the breast?

There are three main ways that nursing pajamas and clothing provide breast access:

  1. A clasp that unlatches on the strap, letting the fabric come down for easy access
  2. A gap in fabric that’s hidden by the design, but is easily accessible when you pull two pieces of fabric apart
  3. A pull down elastic neckline to allow quick access to your boob

Personally, I prefer a clasp or fabric gap.

I have really large breasts, so the extra elastic neckline doesn’t always work for me. But when it comes to pajamas, it can be really nice. Not having to think too hard in the middle of the night is great.

Necklines that cross also work wonderfully, although you’re more exposed (less important for pajamas than daytime clothing, and also depends on your comfort level).

The style of pajama that’s best for you really depends on your comfort. I really love a nursing nightgown with a clasp or fabric opening, but that’s just me.

You know what you’re most comfortable in, so look for nursing sleepwear that matches your personal sleeping style and comfort level!

Best Nursing Pajamas Sets

(1) Kindred Bravely Jane Nursing Pajamas

My absolute favorite nursing pajamas that aren’t a nightgown (I’m a sucker for a good nightgown. Recs for those coming up!)

woman wearing green pajamas with an opening designed for breastfeeding
This was my go-to nursing top when I was breastfeeding. I wear it with leggings as pajamas, but it also works great as a daytime nursing shirt.

I love leggings as opposed to loose legs, and this top is so cute that it can be worn as clothing or nursing pjs. Access is through a gap when you lift the flap on the shirt. The leggings also have an extra tall elastic band, making them a dream on the waistline.

(2) Kindred Bravely Clea Bamboo Nursing Tank & Capri Set

If you prefer something sleeveless for lounging, you’ll love the Clea set! The clip-down nursing tank top has a built-in shelf bra and the perfect amount of coverage, and the ultra-comfy, cropped pants have an elastic waistband and pockets. The satin piping at the neckline and pant hem elevates these pjs into sheer adorableness.

(3) Ekouaer Long-Sleeve Nursing Set

This nursing pj set is one of the best sellers on my postpartum pajamas list, and it’s clear why. Super cute, totally comfy, can be worn around the house all day (a major pajama plus), with easy nursing access. Love them. 

Access for breastfeeding is through a hole when you pull the material apart, and the pants have an elastic band with buttons that allow you to resize as you shrink postpartum (and that keeps them from being too tight, making them a great option for c-section mamas!).

(4) Storq 3-Piece Loungewear Set

This super luxurious pajama outfit can be mixed and matched to work however you need it to. The belted jacket works over plenty of clothes, not just the pajamas.

Brunette woman in soft pink nursing pajamas by STORQ

Nursing access through a button-down tank top.

Best Nursing Nightgowns

(1) Kindred Bravely Eleanora Bamboo Nursing Dress

I adore this new nursing nightgown with POCKETS!!!! I would totally wear it as a daytime dress, or even add my favorite postpartum leggings to go out in it when it’s cool outside.

blonde woman standing in black maternity and nursing nightgown that doubles as a daytime dress

Nursing access is through a flap gap; just lift the top panel and nursing is easy!

(2) Ekouaer Women’s Nightshirt 

We love all of Ekouaer’s maternity pajamas, postpartum pajamas, and nursing pajamas. And this striped nightshirt with a top pocket is the perfect nursing nightgown because you can wear it comfortably all night, and toss on leggings if you need to leave the house in the morning.

Ekouaer is known for its affordability, qualify, and comfort. This particular find also just happens to be adorable!

(3) Kindred Bravely Betsy Bamboo Ribbed Nursing Nightgown

Bamboo is my favorite material for nursing nightgowns, so I was stoked when Kindred Bravely started developing different lines of bamboo pajamas.

I especially love this ribbed nightshirt-style nightgown for its comfort, simplicity, and versatility as an amazing piece of nursing loungewear. Wear it at night as a nightgown or during the day as a house dress, and either way, you’ll be super comfortable with easy nursing access.

The quick snaps and built-in light bra are extra special bonuses!

(4) Kindred Bravely Lucille Maternity and Nursing Nightgown

You’ll notice that I recommend Kindred Bravely a lot because they make my very favorite maternity, postpartum, and nursing products. And this gown is the perfect reminder of why. 

They want women to feel comfortable, happy, and bold in their bodies. And so do I. 

For example, did you know that nursing nightgowns could be cute? In this case, dare I say totally SEXY? But also comfortable?? Well, these are.  

woman looking at her reflection in mirror while wearing black maternity nursing nightgown
This style wasn’t out yet when I was nursing Jack, and it seriously might be enough to make me want to try for baby #2. I’m OBSESSED with this nursing nightgown.

Nursing sessions are easy with clasp access to feed baby, which is my favorite kind of easy access for breastfeeding. It’s also 95% modal, which is great for comfort.

And OMG it’s cute, and your partner might like it too (if you’re ready to think about that sort of thing). 

(5) Undercover Mama House Dress

Admittedly not made to be pajamas, this is still a great nightgown! Tie it up at the bottom for a cute daytime dress, or leave it untied and wear it as a super comfy nightgown.

four women wearing different sizes of the undercover mama house dress
This dress is amazing in its ability to transition from day to night. It clearly looks like a nightgown, but tie it up in the front, and it’s an adorable daytime dress, as well.

My favorite part is that you don’t have to figure out sizing! You’re either petite, one size (anyone with an “average” body type), or plus size (a phrase I don’t care for, but it works for knowing what is best for your amazing mama body!).

Nursing access comes from simple unbuttoning the top. 

It’s so loose-fitting when untied that this is perfect to change into after labor and delivery so you can comfortably rest and nurse in the hospital! Unbutton for easy skin-to-skin time.

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Best Nursing Gown and Robe

Let’s be real here. Any robe that crosses and ties in the front (and isn’t that how we define a robe?) is a nursing robe! It’s pretty easy to pull your boob out of a crossover. 

So for these suggestions, I’m recommending my favorites that are soft and perfect for postpartum bodies. 

(1) Kindred Bravely Emmaline Nursing Robe

Seriously, who doesn’t love a robe? I LOVE a robe! And I love this robe for 2 special reasons. 1. Modal fabric that’s super comfy; 2. Super deep pockets, which are ALWAYS a win!

blonde woman tying robe

I especially love how this cute design works for a light-weight cardigan, as well (but only if you’re staying home!)

(2) STORQ Feel Good Delivery Robe

I’m listing this particular one because it’s GORGEOUS. But browse the whole website. This company has so many beautiful nursing robes for great prices.

Feel Good Delivery Robe

Totally gorgeous, incredible soft, and machine washable. It’s pricier than others, but if it’s in your budget, this is luxury.

Best Bras to wear with Nursing Nightgown

(1) Kindred Bravely Sublime Adjustable Crossover Nursing & Lounge Bra

My favorite thing about this bra is that it’s adjustable, which is strangely rare in a sleeping bra, and made with a stretchy fabric.

93% nylon, it’s great for moisture-wicking, and because Kindred Bravely is better at comfort than many brands, it’s more comfortable than many other sleeping bras made from synthetic fabrics. 

woman wearing a comfortable postpartum bra
Sleeping bras are amazing when you’re pregnant AND breastfeeding. I had never heard of them pre-pregnancy, but I lived in them once I knew they existed.

Cons: Handwash! What? (However, gentle cycle in a mesh laundry bag worked just fine for me.)

(2) Cake Maternity Milk Bamboo Nursing Sleep Bra

To say I lived in this thing would be an understatement. I LOVE Cake Maternity’s undergarments for both pregnancy and postpartum, and I’d be lying if I said I don’t still sometimes wear this sleeping bra when my boobs are sore near period time. 

My favorite night-time nursing bra, it’s 75% bamboo, so not as comfy as straight bamboo would be, but still super comfortable. Also, if you ever find a 100% bamboo sleeping bra, PLEASE let me know!

Best Breast Pads to wear with Nursing Pajama Set

(1) Kindred Bravely Organic Bamboo Nursing Pads

These are super comfy, soft, organic nursing pads, and they come with an adorable, waterproof bag for carrying them!

(2) Bamboobies Overnight Nursing Pads

Extra absorbent for moms with heavy leaks, whose milk production hasn’t regulated yet, and for overnights!

What were your favorite nursing pajamas?

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Nursing Loungewear FAQs

What are nursing pajamas?

Nursing pajamas are pajamas that provide easy access to the breast to make nighttime nursing quicker and easier. Most are also designed to adjust with belly size and can double as maternity pajamas.

Why do I need nursing pajamas?

Waking up at night to breastfeed is exhausting, and being able to easily latch your baby without taking off clothing is extremely helpful. We recommend buying specific nursing pajamas or sleeping in low-cut tops with stretchy necklines.

How do I know which nursing pajamas are best for me?

Always work within your budget, and look for pajamas made of cotton, bamboo, nylon, polyester, or modal fabrics. Also decide what type of nursing access you like best (strep comes down, button down, etc.) and choose the style that works best for you.

Do you need pajamas for nursing?

Nursing pajamas make nighttime breastfeeding much easier, as they provide easy breastfeeding access so baby gets milk quickly and mom continues to rest. Button-up pajamas that are not specifically for breastfeeding can also be a good option. 

What are the best pajamas for hospital bag?

The best pajamas for your hospital bag will be soft, lightweight, and breathable, without compressing around your stomach. We love nightgowns for the hospital as they provide easy access to for nurses. Our favorite nightgown for the hospital is the Kindred Bravely Eleanora gown

Can I go braless at night while breastfeeding?

It’s not necessary to wear a bra overnight while breastfeeding, but many women find it most comfortable because milk production can make breasts sensitive. We recommend a soft, comfortable sleeping bra that isn’t restrictive but provides gentle support. 

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