What the Hell is the Husband Stitch?!


Often during childbirth, a woman’s perineum can tear as she pushes, or when the baby makes its way through the birthing canal.

In other situations, a doctor may cut the perineum, a process called an episiotomy, to make it easier for the woman to give birth without the possibility of severe tearing.

If the perineum tears during labor, the attending physician will stitch the tear.

A husband stitch, however,  is when a medical practitioner puts in an “extra stitch” while repairing a woman’s vagina after labor and delivery.

What is the Husband Stitch?

The connection between the state of a woman’s vagina directly after birth and the effect a husband stitch can have on her future sex life.

The Husband Stitch Myth

Why is the Husband Stitch a Horrible Idea?

Pain, pain, and, oh, did we mention pain? That’s what many women can expect when they’re stitched incorrectly after childbirth.

How to Have Conversations with Your Partner About Stitches After Labor

If you feel concerned that you’re at risk of receiving a husband stitch, be specific with your doctor and tell them NO.

There is no benefit to putting in the husband stitch, and any trustworthy physician will decline the request to do so.

What if You Want a Husband Stitch?

No one can do anything to your body without you giving them the right to do so.

Take Control of Your Post-Delivery Treatment and Advocate for Yourself

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