Waiting to Take a Pregnancy Test? Learn What to Do During TWW

From the foods you can eat to the exercises you can try, figuring out what to do during TWW (two week wait) can weigh heavily on a hopeful parent’s mind.

No matter how you’re trying to conceive, from tracking ovulation to using donor eggs, the two week wait is a pivotal part of the process.

It’s the time when your body is working hard to take a single egg and sperm and turn them into a baby.

The two week wait (TWW) is the seemingly endless period before it’s possible to take a pregnancy test and know whether your hard work trying to conceive paid off.

What is the Two Week Wait?

Listen to Your Doctor’s Instructions

What to Do During the TWW: The Basics

Take it Easy

Practice Self-Care

Drinking During the Two Week Wait… Can You Do It?

If you’re not allowed to consume alcohol while pregnant, you should also abstain during the two-week wait.

Avoiding exercise during the two-week wait means staying away from rigorous workout routines that might be too stressful on your body.

Can You Keep Working Out During the TWW?

It promotes a healthy uterine lining, making it easier for developing embryos to implant into your uterus.

Is It Okay to Get Acupuncture?

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Worry-Free Pregnancy Guide

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