Babywearing a Newborn: Tips, Benefits, Safety, & Favorites

What do you think about when you think about your life with a new baby? Do you think about babywearing a newborn?

Is Newborn Babywearing Safe?

When done correctly, it’s perfectly acceptable to wear your newborn in a baby wrap or sling, as long as you’re following babywearing safety tips.

Is Babywearing for Preemies Safe?

Not only can you babywear preemies, but studies have shown that babywearing a newborn preemie can be highly beneficial for them.

Are There Any Cons to Babywearing a Newborn?

As with everything, newborn babywearing comes with risks. Hip dysplasia and suffocation, for example, are significant concerns, which is why it’s important to learn to wear baby safely.

Understanding the Newborn Babywearing Benefits

If freeing up your hands to do dishes, vacuum, or pour a glass (or four) of wine isn’t enough of a reason to consider babywearing a newborn, you’ll be happy to hear there are several other babywearing benefits you should know about!

Babywearing Can Help With Baby’s Fussiness

See, here’s the thing, babies like to be close to their parents. Sometimes there is nothing more comforting to them than nuzzling against our chest and feeling our heartbeat against theirs.

Prevention of Postpartum Depression

Studies have shown that women who practice newborn babywearing for  2 – 5-hours a day during the first month showed fewer signs of depression.

 Better Breastfeeding Results

When babywearing a newborn, not only does it provide a convenient and discreet way to nurse your baby while you’re out and about, but it can also improve your chances of nursing long term.

Bonding with Partners and Other Family Members

In fact, one of the other great babywearing benefits is the fact that it’s an ideal bonding exercise for anyone who chooses to do it.

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